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Message From Executive Director Shane Feldman

Matthew O’Hara to Lead Ethical Practices System
View the Signed Video Message>>
I am pleased to announce that long-time RID staff member, Matthew O’Hara, M.S., CI and CT, NAD IV, CAE, will lead the RID Ethical Practices System (EPS) as its Director. Both Matthew and I are excited about this opportunity because it places a greater focus on one of the core programs that supports the strength and credibility of the RID certification programs.
Obtaining RID Certification, including the NAD RID NIC, is not merely the act of earning a credential. It is a life-long commitment to continuing education through the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) and adherence to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct with oversight by the EPS. The CMP and EPS programs provide the foundation for a relevant and reputable certification. RID highly values the professional relationships formed between and among practitioners and consumers, and the EPS is a means to strengthen those relationships.
With 14+ years of experience, profound knowledge of interpreting and expertise with project management, I am confident that Matthew’s commitment to a more robust EPS program will provide greater support and resource to the membership in this crucial area of practice. Matthew has nurtured the EPS program for many years will now be able to give it the dedicated, newfound focus it needs to meet the needs of the interpreter and Deaf community. I have no doubt that he is the right person to take this lead and enhance the program support and expectations.
The renewed focus on elevating the support, education and public awareness and understanding of the program is integral to achieving the goals and objectives set forth in the RID Strategic Plan and will provide a stronger foundation for the certification program and the industry as a whole.
For more information about the EPS, you can go to the RID website and view our EPS videos. Matthew will enhance the materials and information available regarding the EPS.
You will also find information on the RID website describing how to file an EPS complaint. For questions and direct communication or to set up a VP call, please contact Matthew at

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