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Board of Directors

RID’s Board of Directors is an elected body of RID certified, professional interpreters that make decisions and set the direction and vision of the organization. The board works closely with many stakeholders, both internally and externally, as well as with individual members as they move RID forward. 2011 Strategic Challenges Approved by the Board of Directors>>


Committees, councils and task forces are comprised of RID members and are appointed by the president of the board. These volunteer groups help accomplish the goals set by the board of directors by advising on leadership issues and providing an area of expertise during their service. 

Headquarters Staff

The RID headquarters staff includes individuals with an expertise in their field and in association management. The staff is dedicated to serving the members and implementing the priorities the board of directors sets through the strategic plan.

Read the 2010 Strategic Plan Report to the Board of Directors from the RID Headquarters staff>>

Click here for the RID Conferences Compliance Chart>>

RID has established a means for open communication between the membership and the headquarters staff. This process is vital for both the growth of the profession and the success of the organization.

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