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Scholarships & Awards

Demonstrating passion, courage and perseverance in their quest for excellence.

The RID Scholarships and Awards program recognizes our colleagues who have made a significant impact upon our lives, careers and the interpreting profession. These awards serve as a small tribute to their sustained contributions to the profession.

We all have someone who has impacted our lives in one way or another, whether a mentor who has provided the necessary guidance and advice, a friend who demonstrates true commitment, a teacher who pushes us to reach our potential, or a colleague who inspires us and sets new standards for success.

The recipients of these awards are the individuals who have gone the extra mile for the profession; have served as role models, teachers, trainers, mentors or colleagues; or have just been there as a support and confidante. They have achieved personal success and have now dedicated themselves toward the betterment of the profession as a whole. In short, they are inspiring motivators for all of us.

If this description sounds familiar and makes you think of a particular individual, then you should consider nominating him or her for one of RID’s scholarships or awards.

Please note that it is imperative that all of the criteria for each of the awards be met for the committee to consider nominations/applications valid. The application for each award clearly specifies what information and/or additional documentation needs to be submitted. If you have questions, please ask.

If a nomination has been unsuccessfully made in the past, embellish upon it and try again.

Contact membership with any questions about RID’s scholarships and awards.

Award Deadline

PDFPreston Bass Scholarship
The Preston Bass Interpreter Scholarship committee has a simple, straightforward objective: to establish a scholarship which will encourage those who have Deaf parents to continue their interpreter preparation to degree completion and obtain national certification.

May 1

PDF The Evelyn Zola Scholarship
The Evelyn Zola Scholarship has been established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to members who are currently seeking expanded education and training opportunities in an effort to become a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI). 

May 1

PDFGerald "Bummy" Burstein Scholarship Award
The RID Board of Directors established the Gerald "Bummy' Burstein Award for the purpose of providing scholarships for eligible members who wish to apply for one of the several certification exams or training courses but are unable to afford the fees.

May 1

PDF Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an outstanding RID member who has made a major contribution in his/her area of expertise and has influenced the profession on local, state and national levels.

May 1

PDF Elizabeth Benson Scholarship Award
The Elizabeth Benson Scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to members who are currently enrolled in an ITP or IPP.

May 1

PDF Honorary Membership Award
The Honorary Membership Award recognizes members of the community-at-large (not members of the association) who have made outstanding contributions to the field of interpretation/transliteration.

May 1

PDF Daniel H. Pokorny Memorial Scholarship Award
The RID Board of Directors established the Daniel H. Pokorny Memorial Fund for the purpose of providing scholarships for eligible members who wish to apply for one of several certification tests but are unable to afford the testing fee.

May 1

PDF Silver Scribe Award
The Silver Scribe Award recognizes the outstanding Affiliate Chapter newsletters based on content, format, originality and special features.

May 1

PDF Judie Husted Leadership Award
The Judie Husted Leadership Award recognizes an interpreter from each region who has shown commitment to the profession as a role model for present and future interpreters.

May 1

PDF Marie J. Philip Award
The Marie J. Philip Award recognizes a Deaf individual who has shown significant dedication to and involvement in the field of interpreting on local, regional and national levels.

May 1

PDF Mary Stotler Award
The Mary Stotler Award is a national award that is jointly awarded by RID and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). The purpose of this award is to recognize significant contributions to the field of interpretation and interpreter education. A committee of two members each from CIT and RID will review nominations and select the winner(s). 

July 1

PDF RID Outstanding Web Design Award
The Outstanding Web Design Award recognizes exemplary RID Affiliate Chapter Web Sites based on content, format, originality, special features, links and graphics, among others.

May 1

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