Ritchie Bryant, DMALRitchie Bryant, CDI

Ritchie R. Bryant is a dynamic, native American Sign Language (ASL) user and a culturally Deaf Texan. Currently working as a professor in American Sign Language and Interpreting Training program at the community college in Austin. Ritchie has been presenting ASL/Deaf-related workshops for the past twenty years. Trained as an ASL mentor and ASLPI/SLPI evaluator, he used to train Deaf people to become ASL mentors for signers in the Rochester community under the Community Interpreter Grant. Ritchie obtained a bachelor’s degree in ASL Studies from Gallaudet University and a master’s degree in Deaf education from McDaniel College. He is also a certified Deaf interpreter who has been interpreting in the Deaf community since 2000. He currently serving on Deafhood Foundation board since 2013 and provided a consultant to various organizations and agencies such as development of Deaf interpreter evaluation to remote ASL mentor program. His interests include developing African-American storytelling within the Deaf community, and video editing on his computer.