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Code of Professional Conduct
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Responding to an EPS Complaint
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File a Complaint

If you have questions regarding an ethical dilemma, first consult the NAD-RID Code of
Professional Conduct
and the RID Standard Practice Papers. You may also contact RID Headquarters. While the office staff or the Ethics Committee may not be able to resolve ethical questions directly, they can provide you with materials which may assist you or refer you to individuals or agencies who may advise you.

Before Filing a Complaint:

  • Try approaching the interpreter and sharing your concerns. Often, this will resolve the situation.
  • Consider talking with his or her supervisor or the person responsible for contracting or arranging the interpreter to express your concerns.
  • If you have exhausted all avenues of conflict resolution, you should examine the EPS Policy Manual  to see if RID has the authority to review and process the complaint.

Complaint Requirements

A complaint:

  • must be based on the possible violation(s) of the official NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct
  • must be filed due to an incident related to the provision of interpreting services
  • must describe an incident that occurred after the interpreter’s services were contracted through a verbal or written agreement and may involve paid or volunteer interpreter service
  • may be filed as a result of the contracted interpreter’s conduct prior to, during, or after an interpreting assignment
  • may be filed only by a person who has direct knowledge of or involvement in the interpreting situation in which the alleged violation occurred
  • may be filed against any individual who is or was a member of RID at the time of the alleged violation

Timeframe for Filing a Complaint

A complaint must be received by RID Headquarters within 90 days of the alleged violation. The 90-day filing limit applies to when the alleged violation(s) occurred, which is not necessarily the time of the actual interpreting.

Structure of a Complaint

A person filing an official ethics complaint must be sure that the complaint includes all of the necessary items, which includes:

  • Who is the person filing the complaint (the complainant)?
  • Who is the interpreter?
  • When and where did it happen?
  • What happened?
  • A statement that describes how the alleged misconduct violated the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct and how it negatively impacted the interpreting situation. Specific tenets should be cited. The statement must include the following applicable items:
    • A complete narrative of the alleged misconduct.
    • A description of how the interpreter’s alleged misconduct adversely affected the situation or parties involved.
    • A list of and detailed description of intended sources of evidence (witness statements, documentation, affidavits, etc.) that can be used to support the allegations. The list (not the evidence itself) must be included with the initial complaint. The evidence may be submitted later in the process, if necessary.
    • A summary of other actions, if any, taken to resolve this matter prior to filing a complaint.
    • The status of legal action underway, at the time of filing, related to this matter.
    • Information, if known, about previous incidents or alleged actions or misconduct committed by the interpreter and experienced by the individual filing the complaint.

Format of Complaints

It is recommended that you compose your required narrative in a separate Word document, which you can then save and either print and submit with your mailed Official Complaint Form, e-mail as an attachment to, or use to copy and paste the text of your narrative into the boxes in the online complaint form. This approach prevents your work from being lost should your Web site login be interrupted or expire.

You can file a complaint:

  • Online – Create an RID account or log-in to your existing account to file a complaint. You can submit a transcribed or videotaped narrative using the online system. If you are not sure about your complaint or have unanswered questions, contact EPS staff BEFORE filing online.
  • By mail or fax – Print the Complaint Filing Form and send materials to:

    Ethical Practices System
    RID Headquarters
    333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
    Fax: (703) 838-0454

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