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Code of Professional Conduct
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Responding to an EPS Complaint
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Ethics Overview

Due to the complex nature of the interpreting process, misunderstandings, conflicts and allegations of misconduct occasionally occur. When a conflict arises, the experience and the consequences can prove devastating both personally and professionally for all involved, unless properly handled.

RID’s Ethical Practices System (EPS), which seeks to bring accountability to the field of interpreting, is part of the tri-fold approach to establishing the standards RID maintains for its membership. It provides guidance and enforcement to professionalism and conduct while offering a complaint filing and review process to address concerns regarding the ethical decision-making of interpreters.

RID highly values the professional relationships formed between and among practitioners and consumers, and the EPS is a means to strengthen those relationships. In short, it is a method of enforcing the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct, a code to which all RID members must adhere.


The goal of RID’s EPS is to uphold the integrity of ethical standards among interpreters. In keeping with that goal, the system includes a comprehensive process whereby complaints of ethical violations can be thoroughly reviewed and resolved through mediation or complaint review.

EPS Approach

RID encourages the individuals involved in a complaint situation to make every effort to resolve the conflict without implementing the EPS, when possible.

RID established the EPS as a multi-level grievance system to be utilized when all personal efforts have been exhausted and proven unsuccessful. This system includes a grievance process that includes a punitive/corrective component but also encourages communication, conflict resolution and a rebuilding of trust and confidence.  2006-2012 EPS Statistical Overview

Individuals who file a complaint with RID about an interpreter’s action(s) are required to participate in mediation – a collaborative process designed to explore the problem and generate mutually acceptable solutions. Such participation affords both parties an opportunity to better understand the circumstances leading to the complaint and, whenever possible, to resolve the underlying conflict. Learn more about the grievance process>>

For inquires about ethics and ethics enforcement, e-mail

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