Submitting an Article

VIEWS needs you!

The value of VIEWS comes from the article submissions we receive from the experts in the interpreting field, such as you! Your experiences and knowledge can be shared with the more than 16,000 readership of VIEWS just by submitting an article. RID seeks to utilize VIEWS as a forum for interpreters to communicate values, ideas, concerns, challenges and more, but we need your help to make that happen.

Submit an article today to join the ranks of knowledgeable and experienced experts of the interpreting field who have contributed to VIEWS in the past.

RID VIEWS prints articles on matters of interest and concern to the membership. Submissions that are essentially interpersonal exchanges, editorials or statements of opinion are not appropriate as articles and may remain unpublished, run as a letter to the editor or a position paper.

Upcoming VIEWS deadlines (tentative, contact the VIEWS editor for specifics):

  • Spring: January 20
  • Summer: April 20
  • Fall: July 20
  • Winter: October 20

If you have any questions about submitting an article, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your opinions and ideas are welcome and appreciated as RID strives to continue to make VIEWS an invaluable resource for the interpreting profession.


Guidelines for submissions:

Article length:

  • Feature article – 1500-1800 words, ~10 minutes of ASL video
  • Column (regular or semi-regular) – 800-1000 words, ~6 minutes of ASL video

Articles and columns submitted to VIEWS must be submitted in both ASL and English.

To yield a high-quality article, we suggest that you follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Editor at Headquarters, or a member of the Board of Editors, and express your interest.  Find out what the themes are for upcoming issues.  Ask for advice on how to address your topic, especially if this is the first time you have written for VIEWS.
  2. Draft your article in either ASL or English.
  3. Submit article, ask for feedback.
  4. After feedback, compose articles in both languages, and submit.

Note that as VIEWS approaches publication, the turnaround time for submission edits becomes shorter.  If you are trying to match up to a specific theme or issue, we suggest you start early!



Q: I have to submit in both ASL and English?

A: We need to *publish* in both ASL and English.  This is because of the member motion at the RIDNOLA15 conference.  If you are only proficient at one of the two languages, then talk with us.  Perhaps we can help you find a partner, or find someone who can help with producing the other language.


Q: I’m not good at producing video; do you have any tips on how to improve the quality?

A: Yes!  We have two great articles:


Q: What are the things I need to submit?

A: There are five things that we need in order to publish:

  1. Byline of each author – Name, credentials/certifications, city, state (Ex: John Doe, NIC; Bowie, MD)
  2. 100 word bio for each author
  3. High resolution headshot of each author
  4. The English version of the article
  5. The ASL version of the article


Q: Should the ASL and the English be identical?

A: Because each is a language in its own right, each one has it’s strengths (and weaknesses).  Play to these strengths, where possible.  It is important that the content be the same – but we are looking for “separate but equal” rather than “interpretation/translation”.  That said, if you can only provide an interpretation of the article, that’s fine.