The registration fee for this conference is a flat $425.00, which is all inclusive of track events, the opening reception, two group lunches, and conference materials, which will include a workbook for the related track.

LEADERSHIP TRACK ASL Immersion and Interpreting Skills Development Track:

*Reduction of $50 from 2015 conference registration rate


Registration Process: The registration process for this conference is different than any other RID national conference. Because there is limited space capacity for the LEAD NOW Together conference, RID will use a combination of a registration lottery and governance structure process. The lottery registration process allows all interested individuals, who fit the target audience description, to have an equal chance to be selected for a registration slot.

There are a total of 650 registration slots available. 450 of these are for the Leadership Track and 200 are for the Skills Development Track. Half of the Leadership Track slots and all of the Skills Development Track slots will be part of a registration lottery. Anyone can go through the preliminary registration process [no payment involved] and enter into the lottery, designating the track in which they wish to participate. The registration lottery will be open from March 1-31, 2017. Selections from the lottery will be made by April 10, 2017, and individuals will be notified of their selection. These individuals will have until April 28, 2017, to complete registration, including payment. If they do not complete registration within the three-week window, they will lose their slot, and individuals from the alternate list will be invited to register. They, too, will have three-weeks to complete registration. Again, if they do not complete registration, they will lose their slot, and it will be given to the next individual on the alternate list until all slots have been filled.

The other half of the slots, 225 for Leadership and 100 for Skills Development, will be divided up and assigned to Affiliate Chapters, Member Sections, Councils and Committees within RID. Those entities will decide how to assign the registration slots available to them so that they can ensure representation at the LEAD Together conference. The designation of the slots must be completed by March 1, 2017, with those individuals completing their registration, including payment, by March 22, 2017. If they do not, then those slots will be entered into the lottery and become available to individuals who are on the alternative list, and the same procedures as described above will apply until all the slots are filled.