Notice: January 1, 2016, RID stopped offering the SC:L Performance Exam.  July 1, 2016, RID stopped offering the SC:L Knowledge Exam.

Holders of this specialist certification have demonstrated specialized knowledge of legal settings and greater familiarity with language used in the legal system. These individuals are recommended for a broad range of assignments in the legal setting. This credential has been available since 1998.

The SC:L certification process begins with a multiple-choice SC:L Knowledge Exam. Candidates are eligible for the SC:L Knowledge Exam if they are a current RID Certified member and meet the experience and training requirements. Candidates who have passed the knowledge exam within 5 years and meet RID’s educational requirement may then take the SC:L Performance Exam. The SC:L Performance Exam is a videotaped assessment.

SC:L Certification Process Flowchart


SC:L Candidate Handbook

Prior to testing RID recommends that all candidates read the entire SC:L Candidate Handbook.  The SC:L Candidate Handbook will include exam eligibility requirements, exam fees, testing procedures, and more.

SC:L Candidate Handbook

*All Candidate Handbooks are interactive and searchable.  You can click on the table of contents to jump to a specific section, or use CTRL+F to search for keywords.

Study Materials

pdfSC:L Reference Materials

pdf“Dual Interpretation and Discourse” by Phyllis Wilcox

pdf“Who’s in Charge Here?: Perceptions of Empowerment and Role in the Interpreting Setting” by Marina L. McIntire and Gary R. Sanderson