2007 Conference Motion
by Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative

Motion: CM 2007.04 Develop a set of guidelines for including for membership and/or conferring of certified status, individuals who hold credentials from any entity other than RID; that these guidelines be approved by majority vote of the certified membership of RID; and that RID wait until the implementation of these guidelines prior to entering into further discussions, agreements, contracts or in any way incorporating non-RID/NAD certificates into our organization.

Hello.  I am Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative. The RID Board established a sub-committee of myself, Vice President Melvin Walker, and Deaf Member at Large Ritchie Bryant to assist in operationalizing Conference Motion 2007.04 related to establishing criteria that testing entities must satisfy to request recognition for national certification by RID.  This is criteria that must be vetted and approved by the members, as per the Bylaws.

The purpose of this vlog is to provide the membership with an update on our activity and to prepare you for your future participation and engagement on this issue.

As we began our work, we have found an initial draft of criteria in response to this motion exists from the 2008-2009 archives of RID.  The sub-committee of the Board is reviewing that previously developed criteria. We recognize that we are not experts in the testing industry and we are