2007 Conference Motion on Credentialing Guidelines (CM2007.04) Update

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2007 Conference Motion on Credentialing Guidelines (CM2007.04) Update



2007 Conference Motion
by Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative

Motion: CM 2007.04 Develop a set of guidelines for including for membership and/or conferring of certified status, individuals who hold credentials from any entity other than RID; that these guidelines be approved by majority vote of the certified membership of RID; and that RID wait until the implementation of these guidelines prior to entering into further discussions, agreements, contracts or in any way incorporating non-RID/NAD certificates into our organization.

Hello.  I am Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative. The RID Board established a sub-committee of myself, Vice President Melvin Walker, and Deaf Member at Large Ritchie Bryant to assist in operationalizing Conference Motion 2007.04 related to establishing criteria that testing entities must satisfy to request recognition for national certification by RID.  This is criteria that must be vetted and approved by the members, as per the Bylaws.

The purpose of this vlog is to provide the membership with an update on our activity and to prepare you for your future participation and engagement on this issue.

As we began our work, we have found an initial draft of criteria in response to this motion exists from the 2008-2009 archives of RID.  The sub-committee of the Board is reviewing that previously developed criteria. We recognize that we are not experts in the testing industry and we are connecting with those who are experts to assist with needed revisions.  Our plan to have a set of proposed criteria completed within the next 100-days.

Once the criteria is complete it will be posted for membership comment, thoughts and feedback for at least 30 days.

After we have collected member feedback, we send it to members for a mail referendum. As required by the Bylaws, written notice of the referendum, stating and describing the motion, procedures and deadlines for voting, shall be provided to all voting members at least 60 days prior to the referendum deadline.

Once the membership approves a set of criteria for recognizing tests other than RID’s and RID lifts the moratorium on performance testing, RID can consider requests from other testing entities for recognition under RID’s certification program.

For example, the request from NAD that RID recognize the BEI test for RID Certification would be possible once the criteria are approved by the membership and Texas DARS would choose to make application for recognition, submitting the required documentation to meet the criteria.  Likewise, after the moratorium, if Boys Town would like for the EIPA to continue to be recognized for RID Certification, it could submit the required evidence to satisfy the membership approved criteria.

RID has recently announced it will establish a testing LLC responsible for testing administration.  The criteria to accept other tests is a function of certification and is under the purview of RID.  It is anticipated that the process of review of such applications and associated documentation will not be a direct responsibility of the RID board but will be under the purview of RID’s Certification Committee.

Please look for further updates in the coming weeks.  Thank you.

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