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Compiled 2010 e-News RID Region V Report

Dawn Bolduc, Region V Representative Greetings! As we begin our new year we look forward to a bright year! This year the Region V conference is in beautiful Salt Lake City! The planning is well underway and is on track to being quite an exciting event! For details visit: This month we highlight our [...]

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Compiled 2010 e-News RID Region I Report

Jacqueline Emmart, Region I Representative Happy National Hot Tea, Oatmeal and Soup Month, everyone! I write to you from Boston and I cannot emphasize enough how much the above recognized “holidays” suit us this month. With all the snow and ice falling around us, I want nothing more than to curl up in a Snuggie™ with the January VIEWS and a [...]

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Compiled 2010 e-News RID Region II Report

Lisa Schaefermeyer, Region II Representative Region II Conference, July 29-August 1, 2010, Chattanooga, TN Call for Presenters and all Region II Conference information can be found on the R2 webpage Georgia RID President Jackie Anthony As the New Year and decade begins, it is amazing to see how this organization has grown. Our membership is the [...]

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Compiled 2010 e-News RID Region IV Report

January 2010 e-News RID Region IV Report Chris Grooms, Region IV Representative Greetings Region IV members and Happy 2010! I am thrilled to be working with the Region IV President’s Council again and truly honored to be able to represent the members of Region IV on the RID Board of Directors. I would like to take [...]

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