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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors this year was busy.  They had monthly meetings – including in-person meetings in Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC (at Gallaudet).

0+ hours
Virtual meetings
0 days
Face-to-face meetings



The number of hours of Council, Committee, Task Force, Work Group, Member Section, Affiliate Chapter, and other meeting hours dedicated to the improvement of RID, the interpreter profession, and service to the deaf community.

President’s Activities:


Major trips on behalf of RID:

  • August 9-14, RID National Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • September 25-29, 2013 – Board face-to-face meeting. Portland, Oregon
  • March 9- 13, 2014 – Board face-to-face meeting.  Gallaudet University Campus
  • April 25-26, 2014 – PARID Conference.  Keynote speaker
  • May 2-4, 2014 – StreetLeverage Live, Austin TX
  • June 11-15, 2014 – ALRID Conference.  Keynote speaker and workshop presenter
  • Jun 25-29, 2014 – Region V Conference.  San Diego CA.


Other Board Members Activities:

It has been another exceptionally busy year for the Secretary, Board colleagues and headquarters staff, as we continue our efforts to support the membership. I am pleased to share just a few highlights of the work going on.

Our priority continues to be improving transparency and communication with members. For the past few years, we have been developing and implementing strategies to more effectively communicate with members about what the organization is doing.

One of our major efforts in this area is the upgrade and launch of a new web presence at, with customized experiences for the general public and for members. The new site provides a gateway to a range of online tools and resources, such as a customized dashboard and profile.

We have implemented a model for publishing Board decisions made during closed session in the regular meeting minutes whenever possible. There may be instances of decisions related to personnel matters or potential litigation that are not able to be published.

Serving as board liaison to committees is a unique opportunity to see members developing solutions and collaborating to do the work of the Association. A renewed focus on inter-committee information sharing and collaboration among the Ethics, Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) Review, and Priorities/Mission/Goals/Diversity Statement (PMGDS) committees was done whenever possible. Each committee met on a monthly basis. The CPC Review committee is a joint RID/NAD committee. The CPC Review committee also met face-to-face once at RID headquarters.

  • Attended the Region IV conference and presented in July of 2014.
  • Attended the Region V conference. I had no official responsibilities as MAL.
  • There is no MAL support for travel to states other than board meetings.
  • Attended when possible Member Section Council and always accessible via text/phone.
  • Attended the NAD town hall.
  • Served as the board liaison to the Certification Committee from January through July 2014.  As such, attended monthly meetings and the Certification face-to-face meetings in March and at NAD in July.
  • Region III Presidents Council met three times in 2014.
  • February through July 2014 was focused on Region III conference planning.  The Region III Rep met a least every 2 weeks with the co-chairs, the MIRID President and the RID meetings manager and included a site visit to the hotel in May 2014. This was conference planning intensive.  Working closely with the co-chairs and committee resulted in a successful Region III Conference in Lansing, MI.
  • March 27, 2014 Beaumont, Texas. Texas Society of Interpreters Conference.  Led RID Rap (update featuring 4 Rs) for Opening Ceremony.
  • June 14, 2014.  Little Rock, Arkansas.  Arkansas RID Conference.  Led workshop: Teaming Up for Leadership.  Attended business meeting.
  • Nebraska RID completed a several-year project of totally rewriting the bylaws. This involved multiple retreats, meetings (in person and by phone conference) and consultations with Lucy James.
  • Iowa State RID hosted the biennial Region IV Conference.  The program was well-received.
  • Affiliate Chapters continue to explore ways to reach out to interpreters in educational settings throughout the rural areas of the region.Region IV Representative was a panelist for the DO IT Center’s Leadership in Interpreting course, Amy Seiberlich, Instructor. Telephone conference, April 15, 2014.

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Exams Administered
New Credentials Granted


Credential Granted
CDI 24
Ed:K-12 58
NIC 186
SC:L 8
Total 280


Exams administered (Knowledge and performance portions of CDI, NIC, OTC, and SC:L):

Knowledge Exams

Exam Type Passed Failed Exams Administered Pass %
CDI 21 28 49 42.86%
NIC 617 92 709 87.02%
OTC 0 3 3 0.00%
SC:L 24 8 32 75.00%
Grand Total 662 131 793


knowledge exams chart

Performance Exams

Exam Type Passed Failed Exams Administered Pass %
CDI 14 4 18 77.78%
NIC 201 570 771 26.07%
OTC 1 0 1 100.00%
SC:L 10 27 37 27.03%
Grand Total 226 601 827


performance exams chart

Exams by Member Type (who’s taking the tests?):

Exam Associate Certified Student Supporting Trial Non-Member Grand Total
CDI Knowledge Exam 28 10 2 9 49
CDI Performance Exam 13 2 3 18
NIC Knowledge Exam 386 16 195 16 3 93 709
NIC Performance Exam 616 50 20 12 2 71 771
OTC Knowledge Exam 3 3
OTC Performance Exam 1 1
SC:L Knowledge Exam 32 32
SC:L Performance Exam 37 37
Grand Total 1046 136 227 30 5 176 1620




 New Credentials (click on the map to explore in a new tab, then click on individual states to see totals):New Credentials map


Total Certified (click on the map to explore in a new tab, then click on individual states to see totals):

NAD/RID Certified Interpreters

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Map of Interpreters per Deaf/HoH Persons (click on the map to explore in a new tab, then click on individual states to see totals)

Using estimates of the Deaf/HoH population from Gallaudet University, we calculated the number of Deaf/HoH per NAD/RID Certified interpreter for each state:  deaf-hoh per interpreter map return to top jumpCommunications chapter

Oh, Facebook, How We Love Thee:

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Well, we love all the ways we keep in touch with our members:

Facebook posts
Twitter tweets
Emails via Mailchimp
Videos produced

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Conference Theme and Location


region I logo Weaving Golden Threads “A Tapestry for Tomorrow”   (Boston, MA) 255
NAD RID logos
region II logo
NAD/RID first joint conference celebrated 50th Birthday of RID (Atlanta, GA) 180
region III logo Cruising Our History (Lansing, MI) 197
Region iv logo Make Your Vision A Reality (Des Moines, IA) 200
region V logo RIDing the Wave of Change (San Diego, CA) 508

(Although the only regional conference that actually occurred in Fiscal Year 2014 was Region V, we are sharing all of the information so that it is represented together.)

return to top jumpEthical Practices System Chapter


[tagline_box  shadow=”yes” title=”Overview” description=”The number of complaints to RID fluctuates from year to year with an average of about 25 complaints filed per year.  More than half the complaints accepted are referred to mediation, for people to come together and discuss issues often involving matters of respect, trust, power, privilege, and attitude where 75-80% are resolved by the parties themselves.” highlightposition=”top”] [/fusion_tagline_box]
New Cases filed in Fiscal Year 2014
Cases resolved (mediated agreement or adjudicated decision)
Cases rejected or closed due to non-response
Cases still pending at end of Fiscal Year 2014


[tagline_box  shadow=”yes” description=”Beyond the data are the untold stories of Deaf people and Interpreters coming together to discuss matters in a thoughtful, meaningful way.  If the parties can agree on the problem and the solution(s), then they discuss what steps can be taken to move forward and beyond the complaint.” highlightposition=”top”] [/fusion_tagline_box]
Complainant Deaf – 23 (85%), Hearing – 4 (15%)
Respondent Deaf – 1 (4%), Hearing – 26 (96%)
Mediation Outcomes
Ended In Agreement 5 (63%)
Referred to Adjudication 3 (37%)
Adjudication Outcomes
No Violations 1
Violations 0
Appeal 1 (Decision upheld)

(Note that one case went directly to adjudication.)

Other activities:

  • Thorough and careful review of each complaint submitted with full consideration to the uniqueness of each case during receipt, evaluation, case management and follow up
  • Online EPS complaint filing, include ASL video directions and submissions, to make the process more Deaf friendly and accessible
  • Strategic use of video mediation, when possible, to allow for more cases to be resolved in person rather than sent to adjudication
  • Education and community outreach to more than 50 deaf advocates/agencies with EPS information packets and DVDs to help consumers access EPS directly
  • Presentations at local, state and national events on addressing and resolving community conflict and how EPS can help
  • Code of Professional Conduct Review to gather feedback and input on relevance of the current CPC with current trends and needs to develop a report to RID Board
  • Responses to inquiries from community members about ethical issues, conduct, questions and experiences with interpreters

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Statement of Financial Position

ASSETS FY2014 Totals FY2013 Totals
Current Assets 1,249,760 1,319,990
Investments 545,563 313,124
Property and Equipment 1,050,463 863,377
Inventory 48,032 46,732
Intangible Assets 66,014 76,683
Total Assets $2,959,832 $2,619,906

FY2014 Financial Activities by Program

Income Expenses NET
Member Services 1,615,279 273,073 1,342,206
National Conferences 616,291 793,867 (177,576)
Regional Conference (365) 0 (365)
Certification 564,280 591,835 (27,555)
Publications 233,226 171,287 61,939
Education 260,207 96,138 164,069
Ethics 102,548 128,832 (26,284)
VIEWS Advertising and Subscriptions 18,445 65,163 (46,718)
Communications 0 269,121 (269,121)
Government Relations 0 57,353 (57,353)
Board, Regions and Committees 0 134,499 (134,499)
Total Programs and Services $3,409,911 $2,581,168 $828,743
Management and General 0 694,668 (694,668)
Contributions 9,255 0 9,255
Investment Income 14,039 0 14,039
Miscellaneous Income 202 0 202
Total Administrative $23,496 $694,668 ($671,172)
TOTAL FY2014 $3,433,407 $3,275,836
Change in Net Assets $157,571


Statement of Activities

Revenue FY2014 FY2013
Member Services 1,615,279 1,599,997
National Conferences 616,291 15
Regional Conference (365) 298,163
Certification 564,280 513,034
Publications 233,226 276,881
Education 260,207 254,160
Ethics 102,548 99,040
VIEWS Advertising and Subscriptions 18,445 39,504
Contributions 9,255 3,584
Investment Return 14,039 9,958
Miscellaneous 202 1,001
Total Revenue $3,433,407 $3,095,337
Expenses FY2014 FY2013
Program Services 2,581,168 2,422,451
Management and General 694,668 631,330
Total Expenses $3,275,836 $3,053,781
Change in Net Assets $157,571 $41,556
Net Assets – Beginning of Year $226,685 $185,129
Net Assets – End of Year $384,256 $226,685

Statement of Cash Flows

Change in Net Assets 157,571 41,556
Adjustments to reconcile Net Assets to net cash provided by operations:
Depreciation and Amortization 74,525 61,413
Unrealized Gain on Investments (4,518) (3,169)
Change in Allowance for Doubtful Accounts (2,615) (2,600)
Changes in Assets and Liabilities
Accounts Receivable 3,960 (12,412)
Prepaid Expenses (67,309) 14,010
Other Receivable (755) 0
Inventory (1,300) 7,281
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses 151,761 (200,536)
Deferred Revenue – Membership Dues 192,919 (25,028)
Deferred Revenue – Conference (452,254) 271,154
Deferred Revenue – Education 30,830 11,208
Deferred Revenue – Ethics 14,155 45
Deferred Revenue – VIEWS Advertising (2,860) (340)
Due to Member Sections 900 6,390
Net Cash – Operating Activities 95,010 168,972


Purchases of Investments (266,887) (51,683)
Sale of Investments 43,715 0
Reinvested Dividends (4,749) 0
Increase in Certificate of Deposit (834) (1,615)
Purchases of Property and Equipment (232,629) (79,024)
Purchases of Intangible Assets (18,313) (11,163)
Net Cash – Investing Activities (479,697) (143,485)


Principal Drawn on Mortgage 277,608 0
Principal Payments on Mortgage (30,704) (50,598)
Net Cash – Financing Activities 246,904 (50,598)


FY2014 FY2013
Net cash increase for period (137,783) (25,210)
Cash at beginning of period 1,135,873 1,161,083
Cash at end of period 998,090 1,135,873


Supplemental Disclosure of Cash Flow Information
Cash Paid for Interest 32,793 26,014

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Your RID membership dues are an investment in your career.  — Ryan Butts, Director of Member Services

New Members
Emails Received from June through August

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*Note: RID does not require members to identify their race, gender, or hearing status; these charts and graphics only represent what has been reported to us.

Membership Numbers (by Region)

Region Associate Certified Student Supporting Trial Male* Female* Total
I 646 1732 274 29 9  235  1659 2690
II 923 2354 312 90 23  369 2103 3702
III 621 2032 357 31 11 205 1913 3052
IV 536 1323 215 41 12 194 1232 2091
V 651 2531 269 32 13 355 2068 3469
Domestic Total 3377 9972 1427 223 68 1358 8975 15067
International 45 72 2 2 0 5 34 160
Grand Total 3422 10044 1429 225 68 1363 9009 15227


Table of Demographics (note that this is self-reporting and voluntary)

Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Total % Total
African American 75 189 70 41 85 460 4.8%
American Indian 12 25 17 25 26 105 1.1%
Asian American 23 30 20 18 75 166 1.7%
Euro American 1583 1980 1833 1130 1874 8400 87.9%
Hispanic 56 99 33 93 143 424 4.4%

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Map of Members:

This is an interactive map of the worldwide membership of RID.

Click on the map to explore in a new tab, then click on individual states or countries to see totals.)

world map of members


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New Portal Launched!

Snapshot of new Member Portal


RID Bookstore Bestsellers

ABC 123 Fingerspelling and Numbers in ASLABC 123, Fingerspelling and Numbers in ASL by Elizabeth Mendoza.  (ISBN 0-916883-43-4)

(Link to details)

Fingerspelling in American Sign Language bookFingerspelling in American Sign Language, 2nd Edition by Brenda E. Cartwright and Suellen J. Bahleda. (ISBN 978-0-916883-47-8)

(Link to details)

return to top jumpprofessional development section heading

Certification Maintenance Program Sponsors by Type

RID Approved Sponsor
Organizations 69
Affiliate Chapter 36
Individual 6
Total 111

CMP Sponsors that Process Independent Studies

RID Approved Sponsor
Organizations 40
Affiliate Chapter 22
Individual 5
Total 67


CMP Sponsors by Region

Sponsors by Region
Region I 30
Region II 23
Region III 17
Region IV 17
Region V 24
Total 111

Distance CEU Providers

Distance Provider Sponsors 12


2013 RID National Conference

RID National Conference
56 CEU earning activities
16.15 CEUs Total
6 General Studies Workshops
50 Professional Studies Workshops

Continuing Education Activities

Continuing Education Activities
Independent Studies 495
Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) 2992
Academic Coursework 700
Sponsor Initiated Activities 6079
Total 10,266


FY 2013 Expiring Cycles

Expiring Cycles FY 2013 2,532
Renewals 2,273
Extensions granted 68
Revocations 132
Revocation appeals were submitted 20
Revocation appeals were granted 17
Certified: Inactive 14
Certified: Retired 4
Deceased 4

Members by Regions with 2013 Expiring Cycles

Members by Regions with 2013 Expiring Cycles
Region I 486
Region II 603
Region III 468
Region IV 343
Region V 632
Total 2532

return to top jumppublic policy and advocacy section heading



Number of meetings participated in with coalitions, stakeholders, affiliate chapters, associations, and government entities as a representative of RID


Pairs of dress shoes worn out in the process


Number of affiliate chapters directly worked with in 8 different states


Organizations served as a representative of RID:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer Advocacy Network (DHHCAN)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance (DHHA)
  • National Interpreter Association Coalition (NIAC)
  • National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Accessibility Subcommittee


Number of committees chaired – the DHHCAN Communication Accommodations Committee


Presentations in 6 states and 2 countries:

  • August 6, 2013: US Embassy in Buenos Aires – Presented about the work and interaction between the RID and the NAD and answered questions from the Argentine audience, including questions about the legal requirements to be an interpreter for the deaf in the United States.
  • September 8, 2013: MiRID – Co-presented Updates and Voluntary Membership with Shelley Engstrom-Kestel
  • September 20. 2013: SavRID – Presented insight at General Meeting
  • September 21, 2013: SavRID – All-day advocacy training
  • October 5, 2013: NAD Leadership Training Conference in Nebraska – Presented on Skill and Professionalism of Interpreters: A Guide to State Licensure and EPS
  • October 13, 2013: IRID – Co-presented Updates and Voluntary Membership with Shelley Engstrom-Kestel
  • November 2, 2013: WSRID – Voluntary Membership with LaVona Andrew
  • November 3, 2013: WSRID – Advocacy and Hot Topics in Public Policy Workshop
  • November 30, 2013: Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE)/Philippine National Association of Sign Language Interpreters (PNASLI) – Led capacity building session
  • May 9, 2014: Presented to Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) Parent Group on Educational Interpreter Standards
  • May 21, 2014: Presented “Do you Speak Sign Language” at the Association of Language Companies Conference in Palm Springs
  • June 23, 2014: Presented to R5 Presidents Council, “Barriers to Advocacy”
  • June 27, 2014: Presented “It’s time to Raise Interpreter Standards” to Region V Conference


Filings with state and federal governments:

September 18, 2013: RID filed reply comments on VRS Reform. RID comments expressed concern that FCC was using “price” as the only measure of “cost” to providing a functionally equivalent VRS. Restated position on non-competes and working remotely. 


February 1, 2014 : RID filed comments on iTRS Stakeholder meeting related to VRS Outreach Program.  RID comments expressed concern about adding additional responsibilities to video interpreters without regard to how it will impact functional equivalency. [Link]

April 4, 2014: RID met with FCC representatives to discuss how new and existing regulations impact the quality of interpreting in VRS.

April 7, 2014:  RID filed comments about the proposed rules implementing the Michigan Deaf Persons’ Interpreter Act. [Link]

April 1, 2014:  RID filed comments about proposed amendments to the Missouri rules governing interpreters in the state. The comments address concerns around certification equivalency set forth in the rules. [Link]


Advocacy Minute Videos:

January 2014 Advocacy Minute Advocacy Minute intro February 2014 Advocacy Minute
Introduction January 2014 February 2014
March 2014 Advocacy Minute April 2014 Advocacy Minute May 2014 Adv Min
March 2014 April 2014 May 2014

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important links header

Links to the RID Board, their values, the Strategic Plan, Committees, Councils, and Task Forces:





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contact info header

In case you want to come visit RID Headquarters (we love visitors!):

Various contact pages:

RID Headquarters Staff

RID Board of Directors

Regional Representatives

Member Sections:


Headquarters Departments:

General Information
703-838-0030 (voice)
703-838-0454 (fax)
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
333 Commerce Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

Media Contact Information
All media and public relations inquires should be directed to:
Tina Maggio, Director of Communications
703-838-0030 ext 208

Member Services
703-838-0030, option # (press # key) (voice)
571-384-5163 (VP)

  • Membership cards damaged, lost or not received
  • Membership status and payments
  • VIEWS delivery problems
  • Scholarship and awards questions
  • Requesting a membership list
  • Registering for the RID National Conference
  • You are an affiliate chapter leader or a member section leader

703-838-0030, option 5 & 6 (voice)
571-257-4761 (VP)

  • NIC, CDI, SC:L, OTC and/or Ed:K-12 certification process
  • Test sites, test payments and test eligibility
  • Authorization to Test letters
  • Alternative Pathway/Educational Equivalency Application (EEA)
  • Certification reinstatement
  • You are an RID Test Administrator or RID Rater

Professional Development
703-838-0030, option 7 (voice)

  • Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Associate Continuing Education Tracking (ACET) Program
  • CEU transcript
  • You are a CMP approved sponsor

703-838-0030, ext 214 (voice)
571-384-5846 (VP)

  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Ethics enforcement
  • You are an EPS mediator or EPS adjudicator

RID Store
703-838-0030, option 4 (voice)

  • Ordering products and publications
  • Purchase orders
  • Checking an order status

571-814-3556 (VP)

  • Sponsoring the RID National Conference
  • Exhibiting at the RID National Conference
  • Presenting at the RID National Conference

Advocacy/Government Affairs
703-838-0030, option 9 (voice)

  • Interpreter Standards in the Federal Government
  • State licensure
  • Legislation

703-838-0030, ext 208
571-414-0021 (VP)

  • RID Press and publications
  • Copyright and reprinting information
  • Government and public relations
  • Advertising in VIEWS

571-384-4927 (VP)
571-384-5201 (VP)

and that was our year