2015-2017 Committee/Council Appointments

///2015-2017 Committee/Council Appointments

2015-2017 Committee/Council Appointments




2015-2017 Committee/Council Appointments
By Melvin Walker, Vice President

Hello. I am Melvin Walker, Vice President of RID. The purpose of this message is to announce the selection of members to serve on RID’s three councils and several of its committees for the 2015-2017 term. The RID Board has been engaged in recruiting, screening, and selecting applicants to the three councils and several committees for the past three months. In a few instances, there were insufficient applicants or the goal of diversity in composition of appointees was not met and has required a different approach to recruitment. For example, the Diversity Council had an insufficient number of diverse applicants and required the Board to work more directly within our diverse member sections to identify appropriate applicants. We are appreciative of all of the assistance we received from our membership in creating greater diversity in the applicant pool. What follows are a series of slides indicating the name of the council or committee and the members that have been appointed. Where you see vacancies still exist are areas where the composition of applicants lacked the desired diversity RID seeks. As a result, the RID Board is actively engaged in recruitment for those vacancies.

First are the slides with the appointments to RID’s three councils—the Deaf Advisory Council (DAC), the Diversity Council, and the Council of Elders. Each council must be comprised of 5-7 members.

  • Deaf Advisory Council (DAC)

    • Carol-Lee Aquiline
    • Jimmy Beldon
    • Margie English
    • Branton Stewart
    • Liaisons – Ritchie Bryant and Lewis Merkin
  • Diversity Council
    • Su Isakson – Chair
    • Gustavo Navarrete – Vice-Chair
    • Paola Morales
    • Gilberto Partida
    • D’Lisa Robinson
    • Liaison – Erica West Oyedele
  • Council of Elders
    • Dennis Cokely
    • Janis Cole
    • Betty Colonomos
    • Eileen Forestal
    • Margaret Ransom Cobb
    • Donna Snyder
    • Lynette Taylor
    • Liaison – LaVona Andrew

Next are the committees for which appointments are being made.

  • Power, Privilege, and Oppression CEU Workgroup
    • This is a member motion and the Board has recently approved the Scope of Work and will now begin working with our Councils to recruit members for this Workgroup.
  • Trilingual SSP will now be known as the ASL/Spanish/English SSP
    • no members appointed yet
  • Emergency Management SSP

    • no members appointed yet
  • Professional Development Committee

    • Richard Laurion
    • Dawn Duran
    • Mary Darragh MacLean
    • Nathan Fowler
    • Shalene Germani
    • Lisa Bolding Ballenger
    • Liaison – Joshua Pennise
  • Governance Committee
    • Jimmy Beldon
    • Margaret Ransom Cobb
    • Paola Morales
    • LaVona Andrew
    • Sandra Maloney

We appreciate all of these individuals for agreeing to serve RID in these volunteer leadership roles. They have all received the scope of work that will guide their activities, and the Board liaisons and HQ staff will now begin to support their work.

Two other committees have not yet been appointed, the Ethics Committee and the Certification Committee. Both of these committees, by way of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), have slots for NAD representation. Appointment of these two committees will occur once the business relationship with NAD related to testing and certification is clarified and remaining issues are resolved.

Thank you for your attention to this information.

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