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Update on Legal Matters Involving RID – January 29, 2016

ASL: English: Update on Legal Matters involving RID What follows is a brief update on the legal matters RID and its legal counsel have been managing. As matters have been brought to conclusion or progressed, it becomes possible for RID to provide a brief reporting of status. As further information is available and appropriate to [...]

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RID Board of Directors Responds to NAD – January 26, 2016

RID Board of Directors Responds to NAD This is a recording of the information-sharing session that was hosted on GoToTraining, regarding the recent RID-NAD situation. < The attached PDF includes the PowerPoint slides and notes (which include the English text of the ASL video) used in the development of this presentation. Please use them as [...]

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Message from the RID Board regarding NAD’s video

ASL: Message signed by Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant: We hope you are all staying warm and safe no matter what weather you are experiencing this winter! We are reaching out to you this Friday, January 22nd to let you know that we are aware of the vlog report from NAD President Chris Wagner. Please know [...]

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Communicating With Your National Association

ASL: English: Communicating with Your National Association With the latest announcements from the December RID Board of Directors meeting, there is a lot of information that is being developed and distributed to members. To make sure you are receiving the official information from RID, I want to highlight the official points of communication as to [...]

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