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2007 Conference Motion on Credentialing Guidelines (CM2007.04) Update

ASL: English: 2007 Conference Motion by Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative Motion: CM 2007.04 Develop a set of guidelines for including for membership and/or conferring of certified status, individuals who hold credentials from any entity other than RID; that these guidelines be approved by majority vote of the certified membership of RID; and that RID wait [...]

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Professional Development Committee Update – Standards and Criteria – February 29, 2016

ASL: English: Professional Development Committee Update Standards and Criteria For the 2015-2017 volunteer leadership term, part of the scope of work defined for the Professional Development Committee (PDC) is to review the Standards and Criteria (S&C) which was last updated in April 2008. The Standards and Criteria is a manual designed to assist RID Approved [...]

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Volunteer Leadership Webinars

ASL: English: Volunteer Leadership Webinars by Erica West Oyedele, Region V Representative Hello. This is Erica West Oyedele, Rid Region 5 Representative. This vlog is related to the RID Board’s plan to increase engagement with the volunteer leadership of RID. We’ve recently received quite a bit of positive feedback from Affiliate Chapter Presidents, Council Chairs, [...]

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NAD-RID Relationship

ASL: English: NAD-RID Relationship by Dawn Whitcher, President The purpose of this vlog is to update the membership on what is transpiring related to NAD and RID. NAD has agreed to a mediated meeting to address a series of unfinished or unresolved aspects of the business relationship that exists between NAD and RID related to [...]

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