2017 Annual Report Professional Development

//2017 Annual Report Professional Development
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Professional Development Update
RID Approved Sponsor Trainings

Sponsor Trainings

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RID Approved Sponsors Audited

Sponsors Audited

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RID relies on RID Approved Sponsors to provide and approve appropriate educational activities for participants. They help maintain the integrity of the CMP and ensure that interpreters have ample and varied opportunities to learn, grow and further develop their skills. They are a vital part of the Professional Development program within RID and provides members opportunities for continuing education throughout their time as an RID member.

FY 17 saw a 10% increase in the number of RID Approved Sponsors. At the end of FY 16 there were 109 RID Approved Sponsors and at the end of FY 17 there are 121 RID Approved Sponsors. FY 17 saw us lose 5 RID Approved Sponsors. These can be for a variety of reasons which include non-payment of the annual sponsor fee, a failed audit, or the organization has decided to relinquish their sponsorship.

RID Approved Sponsor  2017 2016
Organizations 74 66
Affiliate Chapters 37 37
Individuals 10 6
Total 121 109
RID Approved Sponsor IS Yes
Organizations 40
Affiliate Chapters 22
Individuals 6
Total 63

RID Regions  2017 2016
Region I
27 22
Region II
27 22
Region III
21 16
Region IV
20 19
Region V
26 24
Totals 121 109



There are four ways for members to earn CEUs and increase their professional development:  Sponsor Initiated Activities, Participant Initiated Non RID Activities (PINRA), Academic Coursework, and Independent Study.

2017 Totals 2016 Totals (% change)
Independent Study Activities (IS) 669 451 (48%)
PINRA 2267 2826 (-20%)
Academic Coursework 582 574 (1%)
Sponsor Initiated Activities 5519 5832 (-5%)
Total 9037 9683 (-7%)
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Here is a breakdown of the number of Certified members by state and region whose cycle ended December 31, 2016. There are six members not included in a region (those whom are international or not assigned to a region), the breakdown of the Certified members are as follows:

Not in a region 6
Region I 392
Region II 570
Region III 616
Region IV 338
Region V 667
2016 2015
Certified 2541 2522
Certified: Inactive 29 28
Certified: Retired 19 27
Deceased 1 5
Extensions Submitted by December 31 109 89
Extensions Submitted between Jan 1-June 30 33 67
Extensions Denied 0 0
Completed CEUs w/ lapsed membership  N/A N/A
Completed CEUs w/ up to date membership  N/A N/A
Revoked members 145 143
Total 2589 2582

Total Revocations  Click the revocations graph for explanation