2017 Conference Announcement

At the December 2015 Board of Directors meeting, the Board reviewed the conference structure report provided by HQ.

From that discussion, the Board has determined the following: For the 2017 Conference, the Board has asked HQ to start investigating the feasibility and cost of hosting a modest national conference in Region V that includes a business meeting with online voting capability as well as a robust leadership training aspect. HQ is currently working to provide the Board the additional information they need to finalize logistical details for 2017.

In addition the Board will continue to discuss the conference structure of RID and how we can best meet the needs of members as it relates to professional development and networking opportunities. From the feedback we have received, we know members value the opportunities that are provided at the regional and national conferences. As we look at the current state of the profession, RID will continue to define its niche.

Look for more information after the Board has their face to face meeting in March.