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June 2018 Member Spotlight! Shawn Merriman-Roberts

June 2018 Member Spotlight! Shawn Merriman-Roberts CI and CT Berkley, California Region V Why the passion to interpret? It is the whole process that interests me from the message (voice to sign, or sign to voice) to processing and delivering the meat of that message with all the nuances that are [...]

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ASL: Official Language of RID Conferences

ASL is the official language of RID's Regional and National Conferences The RID Board is very excited about the upcoming Regional Conferences, as well as the various state conferences that are happening around the country in the near future.  This is our opportunity to gather, share, network, and learn. This is also [...]

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Joey Trapani

Click here for Joey's resume! Greetings RID Members, My name is Joey Trapani, I am honored to have been selected as a final candidate for the position of Chief Executive Officer of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. When asked to submit a message to the Membership, I wanted to first take the [...]

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