Call for Region I Representatives for the duration of Region I term (now until summer 2020)!

Interested members should send Resume/CV (English) and letter of interest (ASL and/or English) to

August 8, 2019: Deadline for submissions
August 9-August 20, 2019: Board will review submissions
August 21, 2019: Board will select R1 Representative at the August Board meeting

Region Representative Responsibilities:

a) Provide reports regarding the activities of the RID Board of Directors, national committees, and the national office to each Affiliate Chapter within the region. This can be done via e-mail, mail, or conference calls. Conference calls are generally held every two to three (2-3) months. 

b) Provide reports at least quarterly to the Board and the national office during meetings. Reports should reflect the special issues and/or concerns expressed within the region. 

c) Convene and preside at any regional meetings/conference and teleconference calls, including Presidents’ council meetings, and facilitate development of regional activities. 

d) Attend workshops and conferences in the region, when able and funds are available, using region budget and funds from the hosting Affiliate Chapter. 

e) Serve as a resource person to Affiliate Chapter Presidents and members within the region. 

f) Submit regular reports to the association newsletter. 

g) Assist Affiliate Chapters within the region in their ability to meet affiliation requirements. 

h) Assist any chapter not in compliance with the RID’s affiliation requirements in moving toward compliance or dissolution. In the event of dissolution or no further recognition of a chapter, they will ensure the collection and forwarding of all required information to the national office. 

i) Serve as one of the national conference committee core group members and participate in the recruiting of conference chair(s) when the national conference is being hosted in their region. 

j) Assist in the annual reviews of the Chief Executive Officer.


Region Representatives must have been certified members in good standing for at least four (4) consecutive years prior to candidacy.  Also, all candidates for Region Representative shall have been residents of their respective regions for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to candidacy.