LaTanya Jones: Hello everyone! I’m LaTanya Jones, Region I Representative for RID Board of Directors. I’m thrilled to introduce to you our Co-Chairs for 2019 RID National Conference. Who are they? Stephanie Zito and Christine Multra-Kraft. Thank you to both of them for joining the RID National Conference Committee! Welcome them with me!

CMK: Hello! I want to introduce Stephanie Zito. Just call her Zito. She is your National RID Conference Program Co-Chair. We are lucky to have her! Let me tell you more about her. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and works for the National Deaf Center, NDC, focusing on post-secondary outcomes. She works as a technical assistant specialist at NDC. She also has a NIC and is trained in C-Print speech-to-text captioning services. She has a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and she is on the board for the National Association of Interpreters in Education – NAIE. She has coordinated several interpreter conferences and professional development activities in her state and region. She and I have brainstormed a lot of ideas; we look forward to discussing our ideas with the conference team and brainstorming further, and then taking those ideas to our member sections to involve them in even more planning and brainstorming. We are looking forward to great collaboration and working out a great conference for all RID members! Come join us this July in Providence, Rhode Island – I hope to see you there!

SZ: Thank you, Christine! Now it’s my turn to introduce you. This is Christine Multra-Kraft, who is a Certified Deaf Interpreter living in Indianapolis. Christine works for Sorenson Interpreter Education Professional Development. She is involved in training and teaching interpreters who are Deaf, hearing, CODAs, and more. Christine interprets in the community and teaches at IUPUI, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Additionally, Christine coordinates the Deaf Interpreter Academy. She also holds ASLTA Master certification and is currently studying applied linguistics from Ball State University. I feel so fortunate that we are working together and I look forward to working with you all too!