On Wednesday May 1, 2019, all eligible voting members will receive an email from the RID@simplyvoting.com, with an elector ID and password to access the ballot for the 2019-2021 executive board vote for Secretary. Voting will remain open until June 1, 2019.  Reminder emails will be sent throughout the month to those members who have not voted.  

Amber Burley, M.A., CT, NIC, LPD

Amber Burley is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been a RID certified interpreter since 2008. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Maryville College in Maryville, TN with a double major in American Sign Language Interpreting and ASL/Deaf Studies. Upon graduation she worked as an educational & freelance interpreter in Columbia, South Carolina for four years. She returned to Cincinnati in 2007 to earn her dual Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling from Xavier University. While attending graduate school she began working part-time in VRS. Upon receiving her master’s, she worked with Deaf children and families in home therapeutic services. In the evenings she taught as an adjunct instructor with various courses in ASL, Deaf studies, and interpreting. 

Amber’s role in VRS changed after five years and she began working in management with the same VRS company and for five additional years she trained and mentored interpreters and performed committee work that supported interpreters of color in VRS. Recently, she has become an ASL and Deaf culture professor and works freelance in the medical field, as it is her favorite area of interpreting. Amber is a mother and a wife and in her free time she enjoys traveling, dance fitness, and reading.

Hello, I am Amber Burley. I’ve been an interpreter for 15 years and a certified member of RID for 11 years. I started my career in educational interpreting and working freelance. I worked in medical, mental health, and business settings. I went back to school for my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling. I started working in VRS. I worked in Puerto Rico and Atlanta VRS centers. I also moved up to a management position with that VRS company. I moved to Cincinnati, my home. Recently I changed positions and I have begun teaching ASL and Deaf Studies. My involvement up until now with RID was not great, I would attend conferences and read VIEWS but I was not actively involved. This year, I volunteered for two RID committees – scholarship and awards and diversity committee. Last month I was asked, and it was an honor truly, but I was asked to be a part of the CEO search committee. I decided that is was the right time for me personally to be more involved with RID. I appreciate your time, and your vote. Enjoy your day! Thank you.

Kelly Decker, NIC Advanced

As the eldest daughter of Deaf parents, Kelly was born and raised in upstate New York as a native bilingual (ASL/English). After completing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (major)/Business (minor) she began interpreting in private practice throughout Region I in 2005. Her passions have led her to various service and leadership opportunities within RID at the local, regional and national level. Kelly has experience in event coordinating, mentoring, facilitation, and presenting. Her publications are available via Street Leverage and the RID VIEWS. As an Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI) practitioner she is engaged in reflective dialogue at the Etna Project. Kelly currently is living, working, and staying active in Vermont.

First and foremost I would like to thank the Nominations Committee for their diligent and important work in ensuring proper procedure for the election of the Secretary position for the RID Board of Directors.    

RID is in need of leadership with vision. Over the past several years our organization has been experiencing transition particularly in regard to the initiatives around strategic planning and an active search for our next CEO. These efforts have not come without their challenges. As an organization we have been reactive rather than operating proactively with vision driving our purpose. This has caused many of us within the Deaf and interpreting communities to experience lack of faith, apathy, angst, and heart-aching grief.  

Leadership with clearly-stated vision can move this organization forward. My vision is that of transformation. Transformation that seeks our collective truth, sees the ways we can grow from that truth, and moves us forward.

I believe we are ready. Ready for leadership to enable us through hope. Leadership which sees the breadth and depth of strengths we have as a membership, as an organization, and as a greater community. This strengths-based approach will leverage us to a place of healing and forward momentum.

As your next RID Secretary, I will be invested wholeheartedly in the robust organization I know we can be. This position has great duty and importance, both of which, with your vote, I am ready to embrace.