A Day in the Life at RID HQ – episode 1: “The one with the ID card mailing”

////A Day in the Life at RID HQ – episode 1: “The one with the ID card mailing”

A Day in the Life at RID HQ – episode 1: “The one with the ID card mailing”

8Phone with voicemails:30 AM: Arrive at work. Check emails, listen to any voicemails. Drink coffee. I’m not really a morning person, and you can tell me all day that 8:30 AM is almost noon but I won’t listen. I’m too busy drinking coffee and thinking peppy, wake-me-up thoughts.

9 AM: The phones turn on! And start ringing! Lots of questions to answer, especially about membership renewal. Catherine is away from her desk this morning, working with the people who are updating our security system (making it accessible for Deaf and hearing visitors), so we’re getting some of the main line calls too. No worries – this helps us newbies learn about other departments! Certification questions? CEU questions? Bookstore inquiries? I know who can help! “Let me see if they’re at their desk…”

10 AM: Emails and voicemails (from east coast members – we won’t wake our west coast members up…we get the non-morning person thing, remember? We’ll call them later today) are taken care of. Getting ready to pull the lists of members who’ve requested new ID cards, as well as members who have recently renewed their memberships. Thus begins the somewhat lengthy bi-weekly task of a member ID card mailing.

11 AM: Finalizing the mailing list and getting ready to mail merge. We’ll be glad to get these cards out to our waiting members. Happy members equals happy member services! Making sure we don’t have any duplicates and that expiration dates and addresses are correct. Our new database system isn’t quite perfect yet, so we still have to look out for bugs. That’s okay – we’re getting lots of good ideas about how to improve the system and we get to deal with lots of our members individually!

ID Card Printer12 PM: We’ve completed our mail merge for the letters that go with new ID cards, and are folding them with our incredibly loud letter folder. Don’t get me wrong – I’d much rather fold 400 letters with a machine than my hands! It’s worth the noise! Now to work on getting the actual cards printed. Another mail merge and keeping my fingers crossed that the card printer is in a good mood. Since that first, very interesting ID card mailing, I’ve made my peace with the card printer, so I don’t foresee any problems. Knock on wood.

1 PM: The card printer is working like a charm! At about 8 cards per minute, it will take about 50 minutes total to get all the cards printed. Keeping up with email and doing some data entry keeps me busy while I babysit the printer. I might squeeze in lunch too!

ID Card Mailing2 PM: We’re ready to stuff envelopes! Make sure the name on the letter matches the name on the card. Today I am thankful for envelopes with windows so we can just stuff and stamp. I’m also thankful for a machine that licks the envelopes and stamps them for us. At 2-5 calories per envelope, I’m glad to not have to choose between lunch and envelopes. Let the stuffing begin!!

3:30 PM: Signed, sealed, delivered. Except our version is stuffed, sealed and stamped, sent. That’s a wrap on the ID card mailing front (for this week anyway)! Back to the regular business of responding to inquiries and processing incoming paperwork. Now is a good time to return any messages we’ve gotten from our west coast members…I’m sure they’ve had time to get at least one cup of coffee in by now!

4:30 PM: Wrapping up for the day! Time to file any and all of the completed and processed paperwork from today and make any notes for myself for tomorrow.

5 PM: I’m headed home! See you tomorrow, RID!

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