Sign language interpreting is a rapidly expanding field. Schools, government agencies, hospitals, court systems, and private businesses employ interpreters. Interpreters work in a variety of settings including medical, legal, religious, mental health, rehabilitation, performing arts and business.

As you begin your journey of discovery into the profession, we hope that you will utilize RID as the go-to resource and consider how RID membership would benefit you at this stage of your development.

The Field of Interpreting – Opportunities and Growth

The field of interpretation is currently in an exciting period of growth as a career profession. As we work to eliminate the perception of interpretation as just a “job” that any individual with an interest can undertake, we are seeing the field gain a momentum in reputation that encompasses quality and respect. With supply not meeting the current demand, interpreters have become an invaluable tool in communication access between Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Interpreting is a human service related field that is utilized in a myriad of different life situations, such as medical, mental health, law, education, etc. An interpreter, who must uphold  the Code of Professional Conduct, is a bilingual and bicultural professiona