Don’t be overwhelmed by the process of hiring an interpreter! Let RID help!

As the hiring entity, you have the option to hire individuals directly or through an interpreter service agency. To begin your search, go to our searchable database and search by city and/or state. Not all interpreters and/or agencies are RID members and, as a result, may not be listed. If you have difficulty finding a resource in your area, please contact us.

For a nominal charge, specially tailored member searches can be ordered – contact or (703) 838-0030, option #. RID’s VP number is (571) 384-5163.

If you are seeking resources for particular guidelines on hiring interpreters for certain communication settings, please click here to access RID’s standard practice papers. These documents outline standard practices and positions on various interpreting roles and issues. They are an excellent resource to educate all interpreters, hearing and deaf clients, the general public, business contacts, school personnel, doctors and nurses, etc.

Member Directory

Use this search tool to find contact information for a specific member, verify an RID member’s certification(s) and search for freelance interpreters using specific credentials for your assignment. For example, if you need a certified member who has their legal certification in your city, this is the search tool to use.