The more unified we become as an overall profession, the greater our voice and the more impact we will have.

Educational Interpreters have always been an important part of the mission and programs of RID. For many years, RID has received feedback from educational interpreters that they were overlooked as a population by the majority of publications, VIEWS articles, conferences and workshops that we provide.

Realizing that RID would have a greater voice and a larger volume of impact if we embraced other populations in the interpreting profession, we have taken great strides to become more inclusive to the educational interpreter and wholeheartedly welcome you into RID’s membership.

EIPA-RID Agreement

From the fall of 2006 to the summer of 2016, RID recognized individuals who passed the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) written and performance tests at the level of 4.0 or higher as certified members of the association.

pdf Board Approved Motion 
pdf Link to EIPA website
pdf Overview of K-12 Educational Interpreting Standard Practice Paper


The Educational Interpreter Resources Toolkit, which was prepared by the 2007 – 2009 Educational Interpreting Committee (EIC), serves as an excellent resource tool to assist educational interpreters in the work they do.

This Resources Toolkit may serve as your ‘Home Base’ in discovering tools that can assist you in getting valuable information for the work you do serving students in the educational setting, K-12.

Educational Interpreter Resources Toolkit (full document)


The Educational Interpreter Committee (EIC), in collaboration with the Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings (IEIS) member section conducted two surveys during their 2007-2009 term; a survey of both RID affiliate chapter presidents and interpreters working in educational settings. The purpose of the surveys were, respectively speaking, to: learn what affiliate chapter presidents know about and were doing for educational interpreters and to discover what educational interpreters know about and found value in RID affiliate chapters.

Affiliate Chapter Survey Results

Educational Interpreters Survey Results

For detailed information about the books, reference materials and publications we offer to interpreters, please visit our online store. Some of the titles of relevant publications to the educational interpreter include:

“Educational Interpreting: A Collection of Articles From VIEWS”  by various authors and “Encounters With Reality: 1001 Interpreter Scenarios” by Brenda Cartwright