RID is a member-driven organization. The legislation of RID comes from our founding documents, the governance of our volunteer leaders, and membership motions made at our biennial business meetings.

Guiding Documents

The organization bylaws contain the most fundamental principles and rules regarding the nature of RID, such as how directors are elected, how meetings of directors are conducted, and so on. These bylaws are amended according to member motions and referred to in every act of legislation for RID. RID also seeks partnerships with organizations that share common goals through memorandums of understanding. RID is committed to compliance with the antitrust laws of this country, which laws prohibit anti-competitive behavior, regulate unfair business practices, and encourage competition in the marketplace.The Board of Directors is currently reviewing and updating the Policies and Procedures Manual for RID.

Board of Directors

RID’s Board of Directors includes four members of the Executive Board and one representative from each of the five national Regions, totaling nine members. Within each Region, Affiliate Chapters are governed by similar structures to address local needs of the membership. Meetings for the Board of Directors are conducted in both open and closed sessions. The agendas for the open sessions can be found here. The official business of the RID Board of Directors is documented in the minutes. Board meeting minutes are important legal documents of the association and represent the actions of the board.

Membership Motions

RID is committed to diverse and inclusive representation, to hearing and responding to the needs our our members, and to being transparent in our activities. Member motions play a large role in shifting the direction of RID’s practices, as in the case of the NOLA 2015 motion that all RID publications be produced bilingually. RID is committed to following up on these resolutions and encourages member dialogue at the local and national levels. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, RID publishes an Annual Report for its members, outlining our achievements for the year, as well as an annual financial report.