The RID Bylaws govern the internal management of the association, as well as the board of directors, members and staff. The bylaws contain the most fundamental principles and rules regarding the nature of RID, such as how directors are elected, how meetings of directors are conducted, and so on.

You can either download the Bylaws as a whole document or views the separate sections linked below. This document is in PDF file format.

pdf Bylaws Complete Document

Article I: Name
Article II: Objective
Article III: Membership
Article IV: Directors
Article V: Committees
Article VI: Meetings of Members
Article VII: Regional Organization
Article VIII: Affiliate Chapters
Article IX: Referendum
Article X: Inspection Rights and Corporate Seal
Article XI: Fiscal Year of the Corporation
Article XII: Fees, Dues, and Assessments
Article XIII: Amendment of Bylaws
Article XIV: Non-Discrimination Policy
Article XV: Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, Dues, and Assessments
Article XVI: Dissolution of the Corporation
Article XVII: Parliamentary Authority

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