Update: The Policies and Procedures Manual is currently under review by the Board, and is not available at this time.


The purpose of this Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) is to contain the policies set by the board of directors of the association and to establish procedures for the key elements and operations of the national association, including its affiliates, committees and member sections.  The policies and procedures contained in the manual are general guidelines for the association.  There can always be exceptions to the policies and procedures, except that the provisions of the Bylaws cannot be waived except as noted in the Bylaws.

Policy is defined as what the association does.  It is policy which defines the arena in which a decision is to be made and serves to guarantee that decisions made are in keeping with the overall goals and objectives of the association.

Procedure is how the association implements policy.  It is the sequence of activity required to carry out a policy statement or move the association toward one of its stated goals.  Procedures are also the rules and regulations that entities within the association abide by in the conduct of business.  They are a consistent guide to follow through any decision-making process.


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