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RID Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a member-elected body of RID certified/associate professional interpreters.* The role of the board is to govern the organization by setting the direction and vision through internal and external stakeholder engagement.

The eleven-member board is comprised of the executive board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Deaf Member-at-Large, Member-at-Large*) and five Regional Representatives. If applicable, the Board of Directors may also have an immediate past President which serves as an Ex-Officio Member. The Executive Board is elected on odd-numbered years, is sworn in at the National Biennial Conference, and serves a two-year term in office. The five Regional Representatives are elected on even-numbered years. Their two-year term of office commences thirty (30) days after elections during that year, but no later than September 1st.

*The Member-at-Large position can be held by either a certified or associate member.

2013.31- Motion to commit the RID Board of Directors to the values of Roots, Respect, Relevance, and Results as guiding principles for the 2013-2015 term. Motion Maker: LaVona Andrew

Current Officers

Melvin Walker, M.Ed., CRC, CI and CT, NAD V

Melvin Walker received his B.S. in Psychology from Athens State University and M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Auburn University. He has been employed by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services for the past 12 years and is currently in the position of Senior Rehabilitation Counselor. He is also employed by Sorenson Communications as a part-time VRS Interpreter. Melvin has been involved in the Deaf world all of his life and has been connected professionally for the past 26 years. (more…)

Sandra Maloney, M.A., CI and CT, SC:L
Vice President

Sandra Maloney is a native Michigander who graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2001. She is completing her M.A. in Interpreting Studies from Western Oregon University with an expected graduation date of June 2015. She lived and worked in Massachusetts and the D.C. Metro area before eventually returning to the Midwest and her home state. (more…)

Josh Pennise, M.A., CI and CT, NIC Advanced

Joshua Pennise is a native of the Virginia coast who calls New York City home. He learned ASL from Deaf friends as a teen and interpreting through mentoring with generous professionals in the field. At eighteen, he passed the RID CI exam, later adding the CT and NIC Advanced. Josh interpreted while attending college at Old Dominion University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in human communication and a master’s degree in applied linguistics with an emphasis on sociolinguistics.(more…)

Byron Behm, NIC, NAD V

Byron Behm grew up on the east coast, never living in a state longer than seven years. He is a native sign language user from an all-Deaf family. Growing up, he shared a unique homeschooling experience with his two deaf brothers. He attended college at North Central University in Minneapolis for his Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting. He then continued on for his Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in Deaf Education.(more…)

Dr. Len Roberson, Ph.D., CI and CT, SC:L

Dr. Len Roberson is excited for his newly elected position RID’s Member-at-Large, he strongly believes the bylaws in that this position is responsible for helping to communicate with the members of the organization and to coordinate various activities. Len is from Florida, which means he is from Region II. He enjoys serving, volunteering and providing his time, skills and experience in volunteer leadership. Over the years he has had a variety of experiences serving with organizations. (more…)

Branton Stewart, CDI, CLIP-R
Deaf Member-at-Large

Branton Stewart has a Bachelor’s degree in Government and minored in Business Administration from Gallaudet University. His experience includes involvement with volunteer positions at both NAD and RID. Some of his positions held were: four years as the Vice chairperson for the Deaf Caucus under RID, the NAD delegate for GA and NY during four NAD conventions. (more…)

LaTanya E. Jones, M.S.M., NIC
Region I Representative

LaTanya E. Jones, M.S.M., NIC is an independent interpreter with nearly ten years professional experience in a plethora of professional and video relay settings, yet specializes in healthcare interpreting. An Adjunct Professor at both the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and Camden County College (CCC), LaTanya has recently joined the CATIE Center team at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN, as the Assistant Director. (more…)

Brenda Sellers, CI and CT, NIC
Region II Representative

Brenda Sellers received her B.S. in Interpreter Training from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, May of 2004.  She is currently a full-time staff interpreter for Tennessee School for the Deaf, where she enjoys interpreting in a wide variety of situations and other duties. She continues to work a few hours as a Video Relay interpreter and occasionally works as a freelance interpreter in the community. (more…)

Kenya McPheeters, NIC
Region III Representative

Kenya McPheeters is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. She has been interpreting since 2000 and became NIC certified in 2007. She currently works for Sorenson VRS centers in Louisville, Lexington, and Eastern Kentucky University, and serves on the African American advisory committee at Sorenson. In addition, Kenya works with the St. Catherine University Graduation to Certification Program and serves on the Kentucky Board of Interpreters. (more…)

Region IV Representative

Region IV Representative position is vacant at this time.

Position Vacant

Mish Ktejik, M.A., NIC, SC:L
Region V Representative

Mish Ktejik has been interpreting since 2004 when she began volunteering as a student interpreter at UW-Milwaukee under the watchful eye of a supportive and warm Deaf community. With their encouragement, she moved to Washington, D.C. in 2006 and graduated from Gallaudet University in 2009 with an MA degree in Linguistics and an MA degree in Interpretation. (more…)

Current RID Board Photo:

Current 2017-2019 RID Board of Directors 

Front row (Seated left to right): Vice President Sandra Maloney and President Melvin Walker

Back row (left to right): Region IV Representative Sonja Smith, Secretary Josh Pennise, Region I Representative LaTanya Jones, Deaf Member at Large Branton Stewart, Region V Representative Mish Ktejik, Member at Large Dr. Len Roberson, Region III Representative Byron Behm, Treasurer Billieanne McLellan, and Region II Representative Brenda Sellers.

2012-2017 RID Board Photos:

2017 Board of Directors:

Front row (Seated left to right): Vice President Sandra Maloney and President Melvin Walker

Back row (Standing left to right): Region V Representative Mish Ktejik, Region I Representative Hartmut Teuber, Treasurer Dr. Carolyn Ball, Member at Large Dr. Len Roberson, Secretary Josh Pennise,Region II Representative Brenda Sellers, andRegion IV Representative Sonja Smith.
Not Present: Deaf Member at Large Branton Stewart

2016 Board of Directors:

2016 RID Board of Directors (above)

Front row (Seated left to right): Vice President Erica West Oyedele and President Melvin Walker

Back row (Standing left to right): Treasurer Billieanne McLellan, Region I Representative Hartmut Teuber, Region III Representative Sandra Maloney, Secretary Josh Pennise, Deaf Member-At-Large Ritchie Bryant, Region V Representative Mish Ktejik, Immediate Past President Dawn Whitcher, Region IV Representative Sonja Smith, Member-At-Large LaVona Andrew, Region II Representative Brenda Sellers.

2015 Board of Directors:

RID Board Group Photo

2015 RID Board of Directors (above):

Front row (Seated left to right): Vice President Melvin Walker, President Dawn Whitcher, Secretary Josh Pennise

Back row (Standing left to right): Region IV Representative Connie Herndon, Region V Representative Erica West Oyedele, Region II Representative Randy Chappell, Member-At-Large LaVona Andrew, Region I Representative Lewis Merkin, Region III Representative Sandra Maloney, Deaf Member-At-Large Ritchie Bryant, Treasurer Billieanne McLellan

2014-2015 Board of Directors:

2015 Board of Directors

2014-2015 RID Board of Directors (above):

Front row (Seated left to right): President Dawn Whitcher, Vice President Melvin Walker

Back row (Standing left to right): Region III Representative Sandra Maloney, Region II Representative Randall Chappell, Region IV Representative Connie Herndon, Region I Representative Lewis Merkin, Region V Representative LaVona Andrew, Treasurer Wing Butler, Deaf Member-At-Large Priscilla Moyers, Member-At-Large CM Hall.
Not Present: Secretary Daryl Crouse

2012-2014 RID Board of Directors


2012-2014 RID Board of Directors (above):

Front row (Seated left to right): Vice President Melvin Walker, President Dawn Whitcher, President Emeritus Brenda Walker, Region I Representative Janice Teuber.

Back row (Standing left to right): Region V Representative CM Hall, Region IV Representative Connie Herndon, Region II Representative Josh Pennise, Treasurer Wing Butler, Secretary Daryl Crouse, Region III Representative Shelley Engstrom-Kestel, Member-At-Large LaVona Andrew, Deaf Member-At-Large Priscilla Moyers.