Board Values

During the September 2013 face-to-face board meeting, the board spent time developing relationships and most importantly, identifying the values that they will honor while working together as a board. Those values are Roots, Respect, Relevance and Results (“Four Rs”).

2013.31- Motion to commit the RID Board of Directors to the values of Roots, Respect, Relevance, and Results as guiding principles for the 2013-2015 term. Motion Maker: LaVona Andrew

1. Roots

a. We honor the spirit of our 1964 founding.
b. We value the culture and perspective of the Deaf community and native ASL users.
c. We remember our personal roots as members of the organization, and volunteers working towards its betterment.

2. Respect

a. We deal with each other, and stakeholders, with honesty and kindness.
b. We include the perspectives of the entire body of membership within RID.
c. We trust the voice and views of our membership.
d. We respond to each other and to member inquiries openly and honestly in a timely manner.
e. We listen to each other, and to stakeholders, without pre-judging.

3. Relevance

a. We focus on the vision for a future, more effective organization and direct our efforts toward achieving our common long-term goals.
b. We focus on areas that our organization has the skills and resources to positively impact, and partner with other organizations that pursue goals we support.
c. We act in a thoughtful manner after considering the effects of those actions.
d. We work to reflect the diversity of the Deaf and hearing communities we serve.
e. We proactively address concerns and issues that affect the organization.

4. Results

a. We celebrate our collective success by honoring the contributions of our staff and volunteers.
b. We safeguard the future strength of the organization by seriously carrying out our fiduciary responsibilities.