Government Affairs Program


GAP was created to advocate on behalf of professional sign language interpreters and for the establishment and adherence to standards within the profession at both the state and federal levels.

GAP Principles

Representation: Having a seat at the table.

Advocacy: Supporting the mission.

Collaboration: Building relationships. 

Communication: Keeping our members informed.

Areas of GAP advocacy include:

  • State Regulation of Interpreters VRS Reform
  • VRS Reform
  • Interpreter Referral Agency Conduct
  • Interpreter Standards in the Federal Government
  • and more!

The program aims to strengthen RID relationships with members, coalitions, professional organizations, consumer groups, industry partners and government agencies through a four-pronged approach that includes representation, advocacy, collaboration and communication.

GAP offers members and the communities we serve:

  • Support and Representation
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation
  • Information and Referral
  • Leadership and Representation
  • Training and Education
  • Network for Information Dissemination

We are stronger together and partnerships between RID and members, affiliate chapters, state Deaf associations, organizations, and state and federal agencies are essential for us to move forward toward our shared goals. Join us to advance our mission of excellence in interpreting.

Connect with us!

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You can reach the Public Policy and Advocacy Department at or 703-838-0030, ext. 207.

Download the GAP Fact Sheet here!