Connect with your colleagues and RID by posting pictures to Instagram and using the hashtag #whatsyoursignwed

RID members span coast to coast and we want to see you!

Every Wednesday RID will post a sign or phrase and we want to see you signing it!  Take a picture or video and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #whatsyoursignwed.  Connect with interpreters across the country to get a different perspective on different signs or phrases.

Don’t forget to tag your state using #RID[your state].  We can’t wait to connect!

Note that if your Instagram account is set to private, other members will not be able to see your pictures, and we will not be able to display them.

This week’s #whatsyoursignwed is BIRTHDAY.  Show us your sign and tag it with #whatsyoursignwed and #RID(your state).