April 2018 Member Spotlight! M. Antwan Campbell

//April 2018 Member Spotlight! M. Antwan Campbell

April 2018 Member Spotlight! M. Antwan Campbell

M. Antwan Campbell, Ed:K-12
President of NCRID
Region II
Fayetteville, NC

How Long Have You Been a Member of RID?
12 years

Describe a favorite assignment or accomplishment you’ve achieved as an interpreter.
Being hired as NC’s first Educational Interpreter Specialist has been one of the greatest accomplishments thus far in my career

What are your professional goals as an interpreter?
My goal is to continue to promote the profession by encouraging highly qualified interpreters in every setting and to continue to do the best I can for all of my consumers.

Tell Us Any Fun Facts About Yourself! (Hobbies, favorite vacation spots, etc…)
I love tennis and it is my dream to go to the US Open to see Novak Djokovic win! Hawaii and Europe are two of my favorite vacation locations, and I can’t wait to go back!

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