Executive Director Search Update
Melvin Walker, President RID Board of Directors


During the March board meeting in Salt Lake City, the BOD laid out a plan for continuing our recruitment of an Executive Director. The Interim Executive Director, Anna Witter-Merithew, gave notice to the BOD in February of a mid-summer retirement. At the request of the board, she has agreed to stay through the end of July, and is prepared to assist with the transition to an Executive Director as needed.

The board is in the process of communicating with a small group of potential candidates that have been identified through the two previous searches and/or some additional recruitment efforts. Interviews will be conducted during May. Final candidates will be asked to prepare a vlog for distribution to the membership and the membership will be asked to provide survey based feedback in late May or early June. It is hoped that a candidate will be selected and onboard sometime in late summer or early fall.

As this process moves forward, further information will be provided to the membership. The goal remains to hire an individual who brings both the administrative and interpersonal expertise and attributes needed to serve the association, its members, BOD and staff. Thank you for your support during this process.