ASL is the official language of RID’s Regional and National Conferences

The RID Board is very excited about the upcoming Regional Conferences, as well as the various state conferences that are happening around the country in the near future.  This is our opportunity to gather, share, network, and learn. This is also our opportunity to show renewed commitment to our shared language – ASL.

At the 2015 New Orleans Business Meeting, the membership passed a motion making ASL the official language of our Regional and National RID Conferences.

Motion C2015.03:
Move that the official language of Regional and National RID conferences be AmericanSign Language (ASL), and be it further moved that ASL interpretation will be provided at Regional and National RID conferences for workshops/presentations which focus on spoken languages, and be it further resolved that ASL as the official language begins with the 2016 Regional RID conferences.

Tenets 4 and 5 of the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) focus on demonstrating respect for consumers and our colleagues, many of whom are Deaf. As bilingual professionals, it is appropriate for us to show respect for these consumers and colleagues by using language we all share – ASL – in all public spaces of our conferences, thereby making all conversations equally accessible to everyone present. To do any less would be disrespectful.

We understand that some specific workshops cannot be ASL-only, but we want to encourage our conferences to be ASL first. I hope that everyone will take this to heart, turn your voices off, keep your hands up, and have a great time at the conferences!

Melvin Walker and the RID Board of Directors