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IMG_8524Representing Region IV is Connie Herndon. A native Kentuckian, she has studied, taught and worked in North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado and Iowa before settling down in Nebraska. She currently interprets and mentors in a variety of community and video settings. She is passionate about her profession and enjoys the challenges, joys and learning opportunities that interpreting affords.

Prior to her appointment as Region IV Representative, Connie served as Region IV Historian. She focused on preserving and publicizing key events and persons in the region’s past, honoring those who have paved the way. Connie promotes embracing history to ensure that the organization learns from successes and failures and continues to move forward.

Prior to working as historian, Connie served as President of Nebraska RID (neRID) from 2005-2009. The number one goal for her tenure as neRID president was to increase Nebraska’s awareness of its role and value in the organizational structure of RID at the regional and state levels. As an affiliate chapter with individual members, neRID became more active, involved and visible. An exclamation point to their growth was successfully hosting the 2010 Region IV Conference. Connie co-chaired that event.

The life and business of RID remains a priority for her as she works in Nebraska and Region IV. She firmly believes that the strength of the professional organization in turn strengthens each unique professional. The meaningful opportunities of the national organization promote critical, worthwhile action at the regional and state levels. The spirit at the national level inspires the membership as they work and develop as professionals and individuals in their regions, states and local communities. She is excited to work with Region IV’s members to foster that mutually supporting relationship.

Connie is a member of neRID’s inaugural class of the Circle of Integrity and Excellence and received the Spirit of Region IV and Excellence in Leadership awards at the 2010 Region IV Conference.

She resides in Lincoln, NE, with her husband in a house managed by two cats and adorned with a variety of guitars and keyboards. Her son is a neuroscientist on the east coast and her daughter designs costumes, sets and buildings on the west coast. Her life is enriched by music, conquering weeds in a formidable flower garden and three amazing grandchildren.