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Hartmut Teuber, MA, and RSC

Hartmut Teuber, serving his second sting as the Region 1 Representative on RID Board of Directors, hails from Germany; he was on the Board from 1996 to 2002.  His elementary education was obtained in a residential school for the deaf in Bamberg, afterwards he underwent a three-year apprenticeship as a typesetter and also started and led a youth club.  It was this activism that motivated him to pursue higher education to carry on the activism on a more professional level.  Since there was no high school for the deaf at that time, he was forced to acquire the necessary qualificatory education for this.  In 1964, he entered Gallaudet College and continued his activism there too to be elected as a Who’s Who Among University Students.

After graduating with a M.A. in Education of the Deaf in 1971, he taught at different schools in N.H., then joined the psycholinguistic lab of Dr. Harlan Lane at Northeastern University in Boston.  It was during the 1970s when he expanded his activism to teaching ASL and joined RID, first as a certification evaluator of interpreters in 1972.  He must be one of the oldest and still active Deaf member of RID to hold a certificate.  Hartmut also held diverse volunteer positions in national and state associations of the deaf, of MassRID.  Keeping his contact with Germany, he published several articles in professional journals on bi-bi education of the deaf and on sign language interpreting and short stories in the Deaf publications there.