Dr. Len Roberson, Ph.D., SC:L, CI and CT

Dr. Len Roberson is excited for his newly elected position RID’s Member at Large, he strongly believes the bylaws this position in being responsible for helping to communicate with the members of the organization and to coordinate various activities. Len is from Florida, which means he is from region two. He enjoys serving, volunteering and providing his time, skills and experience in volunteer leadership. Over the years he has had a variety of experiences serving with organizations. He has been an interpreter for more than 25 years, is a professor at a University and is a researcher and published author. He enjoys a variety of perspectives that his experience has provided him in the past.

Len has served RID in the past as a Certification Council member and has also been involved with NIC working groups; he has had the pleasure of serving as co-editor of the JOI for the last six years. These experiences serving the RID organization have provided him with the national perspective, which he believes is important for the MAL position. The Member at Large position does not represent one particular group of people, but rather represents a broader perspective of the RID organization by helping to coordinate activities and communication.

He believes it is important for the future of the RID organization that we continue to experience the positive changes that we have seen in recent years. He wants to be involved in continuing these positive changes. He strives to help RID become a stronger organization. He believes RID priorities over the next few years should be number one to continue to experience a financial change in becoming a financially healthy organization.  Secondly, he thinks that RID needs to continue to partner with key organizations in our field and establish new partnerships with organizations. He looks forward to seeing RID establish formal partnerships with organizations, such as CCIE. He believes it would be important for RID, as an organization, to help the state affiliates with their work at the local level. He is ready to make sure that RID’s communication is open and transparent as well as personable with all of our members.

He looks forward to becoming part of the positive changes for the future of RID and Len believes that his experiences over the years will be of value to his new position.