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IMG_8539-EditPriscilla Moyers is currently a freelance interpreter in the Bay Area of California.

Priscilla was born to Deaf parents with two Deaf siblings.  Priscilla has been interpreting since she was small, without realizing that what she was doing is called “interpreting”.  She’s been doing this for her Deaf family members, her peers, and her classmates.

Professionally, her main interpreting work is in the legal setting. Priscilla holds the CDI and CLIP-R certifications and hopes to obtain the SC:L. She has been a legal intermediary interpreter for the past 25 years. Priscilla received her BA in English Literature with a minor in English As Second Language (ESL) at San Francisco State University. Before Priscilla began interpreting professionally, she taught ASL, Deaf Culture/History and Semantics at Vista Community College (currently known as Berkeley Community College).

Priscilla has taken formal training in International Sign Language and worked as an ISL interpreter at Deaf Way II.  She then got involved in learning Mexican Sign Language (LSM) when teaching young Deaf Mexican students in Zihuatanejo. Priscilla attended Mexico’s first Interpreter Conference, which was in Mexico City in July 2014, putting her knowledge and skills in LSM to good use.

Priscilla has volunteered for RID for three terms on Deaf Members in Leadership Committee – which is now known as the Deaf Advisory Committee (DAC). She served two terms as president of NorCRID. She is still involved on the state level with public policy, pushing for future licensure requirement for RID certified interpreters in California. Priscilla is involved with several publications in the field of interpreting as a consultant.

Priscilla is a proud mother 3 children. The eldest are the 18 year old twin daughters, Nicolette and Danielle, they are now in their first year of college at San Diego State University. The youngest son, Jarod is in his sophomore year at Amador Valley High School.

Priscilla enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, cycling and reading good books.