IMG_8520Wing Butler, CI and CT

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times.” My circumstance of “living in interesting times” became one of my greatest blessings. As the eldest hearing son, born to a mother of Chinese decent and a Caucasian father, I found myself the bridge between many worlds. My first language is Sign Language, my parents are Deaf, and I forever hold their culture, language and heritage close to my heart. My journey includes a spirit toward entrepreneurship founding one of the largest and most successful ASL Interpreting Agencies in the western United States by creating genuine relationships with interpreters, and seeking to understand the needs of our customers. After eight years of ownership, I sold the company to the employees, feeling confident that the company was left in caring hands. When the video relay industry emerged, I had the good fortune of observing how Deaf people were able to connect and bond with family members/friends from working among VRS providers in various capacities. Continuing my desire to create opportunities and advancements for the Deaf community, a group of us worked collaboratively to form a Deaf video centric website, which pursues the preservation and development of Sign Language awareness through internet media, a project I was happy to share in. I believe that life is filled with opportunity, a favorable combination of circumstances and a chance for wonderful opportunities. It is this core value, along with overcoming obstacles, that I enjoy sharing most through motivational speaking across the country.

A good friend shared with me that our present is the sum of the books we’ve read, goals we’ve set out on, and
the friends we keep. This sentiment has helped shape who I am, and each day seems filled with promise for
the communities I serve.