Hi, I’m Branton Stewart!

I’m here today at the RID Board Face-to-Face meeting. We met yesterday, today, and will meet tomorrow and Sunday. Today, I want to tell you a little bit about what happened between yesterday and today.

One of the main goals was the CEO search. We discussed priorities, how and what that would look like, our goal and vision, and how all of this could come together well. It’s really exciting.

We also discussed Power Privilege and Oppression. I offered a presentation, as well as Kelly Decker and Jason Farr – I presented about Deafness, Kelly about CODAs and Jason about People of Color. We really got deep into our discussion. We discussed history as a board and dug really deep into the discussions about CODAs and POCs. Seeing these perspectives come together and really analyzing the whole picture helped us to see how we can serve you better.

Then we discussed CASLI. We had Star Grieser and Miako Villanueva come, and CASLI’s new treasurer, Sarah joined via video as well. We discussed CASLI’s history to help orient some of our new board members. From their presentation, we are so excited for 2020 and what that ye