Hello There!

I’m Kelly Decker, RID’s Secretary. The board has been working diligently over these past few days.  We’ve primarily focused on the internal and external structures that affect us as an organization and ultimately the Deaf community. 

These internal structures include our work in identifying robust and efficient work practices for our councils, committees, task forces and member sections.  We reviewed the progress of the White Paper work groups and the Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).  All of these moving parts affect our overall trajectory as an organization.  Should you have an interest in contributing to the work of these internal structures, please  reach out to the board. We are always in need of further expertise. 

Additionally, we reviewed what a registry (listing our members) means.  Does it fit with our current bylaws and original articles of incorporation?  How is this public registry serving and impacting the Deaf community?  Moving forward the board recognizes that this important matter requires further exploration and remains a priority. 

The external structures that we spent considerable time and discussion on were in regards to persons who are incarcerated providing interpreting services to fellow inmates.  As an organization and as a Board we are in complete opposition of this practice. This use of inmates providing interpreting services creates a clear power imbalance amongst the prisoners and a further power differential from the systems who are asking that of the inmates. The board is currently developing a strategic plan to address this at the national level.

As we close out our week of meetings we invite you to join future board meetings.  We meet every third Wednesday from 7 to 10 pm EST.  All meetings are open to the membership, your participation and engagement is welcome.