Power and Privilege Discussions continued, today led by Region V Rep, Erica West Oyedele.

  • Today we discussed Raising Consciousness Activity, cycle of socialization and what we were exposed to that formed and enforced our value system and then what were and are our moments of change where we adopted that core or took actions to change it.
  • We broke into groups to discuss how the cycle of socialization relates to our lives as individuals but also as the organization as a whole – then we discussed as a group.
  • How we can relate all of this to our roles and RID – is in how we communicate – how we approach our communication and message comes from our core.
  • Power & Privilege training was purposefully set up to be every day – spread out every morning to set the mental framework for the discussions to remember who we impact with our decisions.


Board discussions:

  • Every discussion we have had over the last few days, we look at different structures, models, decisions
    • How it impacts members
    • How it impacts finances
    • How it impacts partnerships
  • Discussions with the attorneys focused on different possible business structures that could effectively accommodate testing functions.  So again, with that information, we consider how it impacts our liability and how it impacts our sustainability.
  • In addressing member concerns about the moratorium we again looked at impact – impact on members, impact on partnerships.
  • Discussed tentative agenda, process and procedure for meeting with the NAD on Saturday to glean our shared vision, again seeking information about impact.
  • As we consider impact on members, we are creating ways for addressing member concerns and desire for engagement.

In the late afternoon, the Board went to HQ to tour the office space. Many of the Board members had not been to HQ yet so it was a nice visit with the staff. We also had the chance to celebrate Lewis Merkin’s 60th Birthday – with a slide show that took us down memory lane of his fabulous life and his commitment to RID and the community.

That wraps up the report from Day 4.