Board Meeting Update – December 20, 2015

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Board Meeting Update – December 20, 2015



Power and Privilege Discussions continued, today led by Erica West Oyedele

  • Today we discussed evaluating and valuing capital and how that relates to Audist framing and in particular how it relates to RID.
  • We talked about how our values are our capital and their influence on how we navigate through life and the opportunities and potential for growth available to us.
  • Our capital lays the groundwork in our reaction to social justice. Allyship has to include action and proactive efforts to be effect. Action includes learning and educating as well as both interrupting behavior that is a barrier to social justice and initiating proactive responses toward social justice.
  • As Erica said yesterday, the information that we keep in the forefront of our mind from these daily discussions keep our board service focused on impact of members, partners and the health of the organization as a whole.


Board discussions:

  • The board discussed future conference options – looking at impact on members and finances.  We considered the timeline for planning, the finances of conferences, and how we can offer a high-value experience for our members.  While no final determination has been made yet regarding future conferences, the Board will ask HQ to investigate a planning structure, for feasibility in planning timeline and cost.  More will be reported about the details of a 2017 conference event once the board receives the financial impact and planning timeline from HQ.
  • In addition, we were happy to have NAD President Chris Wagner and NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum join us today to discuss the varying business models for RID, the moratorium, and our shared vision and partnership and what that looks like moving forward.
  • As mentioned earlier this week by Deaf Member at Large Ritchie Bryant, the board is absorbing the feedback from Deaf Advisory Council, Council of Elders, Certification Committee, and now, today, with the NAD.  We’ve also been working closely with the Interim Executive Director Anna Witter-Merithew, the HQ staff, multiple attorneys, and multiple consultants, including Heather Harker.  It’s not just 11 people making this decision. It is 11 people in the room but the collective feedback is very present this week.
  • All of this creates value and understanding in our decision-making related to the business structure of RID.
  • We want to assure you that this temporary moratorium is not a stoppage of certification permanently or that it will remove the current credential you hold. We apologize that we have not done a good enough job of explaining that to you.
  • We really encourage you to ask us questions or talk to your affiliate chapter presidents. We are in ongoing contact with our Presidents Councils who we dialogue with about organizational opportunities and issues. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we are trying to find ways to steer members to the facts. By asking us directly, we hope we can provide you with the information and assurances you seek from us as individuals, as board members, and from your organization.


Thank you!

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