Day 6 Board update
Dawn Whitcher and Melvin Walker

We have had a long and productive 6 days. We cannot express enough our appreciation as we needed to work through many in-depth discussions in closed session. Knowing how frustrating this was for many of you was in the forefront of our minds. As members, we appreciate and understand the importance of transparency.  The decisions before us required many hours of frank discussions of proprietary, confidential, and privileged information.  These discussions enabled us to tackle difficult questions relating to risks facing RID.

We had our final day of power and privilege discussions. We want to thank Secretary Josh Pennise, Region V Representative Erica West Oyedele and Deaf Member-at-Large Ritchie Bryant for their hard work and preparation in providing us the facilitated dialogue in this area that helped frame our discussions throughout the week. We worked on our individual action plans to incorporate these thoughtful discussions in our everyday lives.

We know you are anxious to learn of the decisions that came from the board meeting. We are preparing a lengthier vlog that will discuss some of the decisions coming out of this meeting. Following our governance structure, this longer vlog will be shared with our councils, Affiliate Chapter Presidents, member section Chairs, the Certification Committee and NAD leadership  on Monday, December 21, 2015, and then with the full membership on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

That vlog will detail our immediate next steps.