Greetings!  President Melvin Walker here. I hope you all are having a great start to the Fall season with back to school success and lots of football fun – whether high school, college or the NFL.

The RID Board has been very busy over the past weeks, and I have much information to share with you. On Friday evening, September 9, the full Board met to formalize several volunteer leadership appointments. Since the agenda included discussions including the names and credentials of individuals being considered for volunteer service, we held the meeting in closed session. We know this has been a point of concern for members – the decision of closed versus open sessions – but out of respect for all of the individuals who applied, we felt it necessary to follow best practices for association boards.

RID Board of Directors Appointments

First, the Board discussed the impact of Past President Dawn Whitcher resignation on the Board make-up – what is the appointment process to fulfill the 2015-2017 President term? I recused myself from this discussion, so Sandra Maloney, Region III Representative stepped in and led the Board in a discussion. According to the Bylaws, in the case of vacant terms that are for less than one year, the Board will make a direct appointment.

Section 7. Vacancies. B.: Appointment to Fill a Vacancy: Any vacancy occurring in the board of directors with less than one year remaining in the term may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining directors. A director appointed to fill a vacancy shall be appointed for the unexpired term of their predecessor’s office. If the unexpired term is more than one year, a special election must be held within six months of the vacancy. 

After a brief discussion, the Board unanimously decided to formally appoint me as the President.  I am honored by this confidence and will continue to work in a collaborative way to engage the voice of the membership within the decision-making structure of the Board of Directors.

This appointment left the position of Vice President vacant.  We discussed determining if someone on the board was interested and willing to step into this role.  There is value in having someone who is current on all current affairs of the association and has the historical references to matters discussed thus far during the 2015-2017 term. We discussed that if no one on the board was interested, then an open call could be announced for the office, allowing for interviews and appointment by the Board.

We did have a current Board member express interest in stepping in as Vice President for the remainder of this term. Erica West Oyedele, current Region V Representative expressed her interest.  A motion was made to appoint her and passed by a majority vote.

I am delighted to announce her appointment as Vice President and the expanded role she will have in guiding the RID Board of Directors.  It will be an honor to work closely with her in continuing to work to move the organization forward. She has brought tremendous commitment, professional insight, and wisdom to the Region V Representative position, and we are fortunate that she will now serve as a part of the executive board.

With her appointment, we now have a vacancy for the Region V Representative position.  In this instance, we will hold a special election—just as we are doing for the Regional Representative positions for Region I and IV.  The Board feels it imperative that the Regional Representative positions are filled by individuals nominated by the membership within the respective region, than being selected by the Board.

The nomination for this now vacant Region V position is officially opened as of September 12, 2016, and will remain open until October 15, 2016.  The process will require nomination by 25 voting members of the association in good standing who reside within Region V.  We encourage all interested and qualified individuals from Region V to seek nomination.

There are three possible results that may transpire during this period. In the event that we:

  • receive more than one nomination for Region V representative seat, there will be an election.
  • receive one nomination for the Region V representative seat, the person will automatically become the representative.
  • receive no nominations for the Region V representative seat, there will be no election, and the Board will converse with the parliamentarian about the seat vacancy.

The special nominations period will run until October 15, 2016. The election period, if necessary, will begin November 1 and end November 30, 2016, concurrent with the special election period for the Region I and Region IV positions.

CASLI Board of Managers

RID has been working to complete the transition of testing functions from RID to CASLI, LLC, the new testing entity.  This has included many steps, such as the appointment of the test development committee, the hiring and onboarding of staff, and the appointment of a Board of Managers.  Three members of the CASLI Board of Managers were appointed during the June Board meeting, and since that time, the recruitment, interviewing, and vetting of remaining candidates has been our focus.  During the Friday, September 9, special meeting of the RID Board, the two remaining appointments were made.  We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Patrick Boudreault and Dr. Anthony Aramburo. CASLI, LLC, is most fortunate to now have a full managing board to share in the responsibility for fulfilling the vision, functions, and opportunities of test development and implementation on behalf of RID and as part of the RID certification process.


 Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Ph.D.  Dr. Anthony J. Aramburo, Ph.D, NAD IV, IC/TC


As we continue to share information about CASLI, LLC, we realize that there is still some misunderstanding – so, just a couple of points of clarification as we move forward together.  CASLI, LLC is a testing entity only.  It develops and implements the tests that serve as one of the requirements for achieving RID certification. RID and its membership retain authority over certification. CASLI, LLC, does not award certification, nor can the CASLI, LLC, testing be used for conferring certification by any other entity other than RID—at least at the present time.

Another point of clarification is that CASLI, LLC, is not a membership association, as is RID. It is an administrative entity of RID.  This means that the members of RID do not hold a vote in the activities of CASLI, LLC.  So, in this respect, it is much like other testing vendors RID has relied upon.  For example, CASTLE Worldwide administers and scores the knowledge exams and soon Comira will be administering and scoring the performance exams.  Together, these vendors and CASLI, LLC, serve the important function of creating greater autonomy in test development and implementation.  And as the effectiveness and success of CASLI, LLC is evidenced and its ability to stand alone fiscally is established, further levels of autonomy and/or collaboration with other stakeholders who are committed to sharing the responsibility for quality testing of interpreters, may occur.

In the meantime, in establishing CASLI, LLC, the RID Board made the choice to delegate our direct leadership of CASLI, LLC, by assigning authority and oversight to an independent and autonomous board. The appointment process has taken about six months. It was done with careful guidance of our attorneys and financial consultants. Based on a substantive list of recommended individuals, developed through consultation with leaders in the Deaf and interpreter communities, approximately 50 individuals representing diverse stakeholders were identified, contacted directly to ascertain their interest and availability, credentials and expertise were vetted, and appointments were made.  The end result is a Board of Managers who represent practitioners, consumers, the interpreting services industry, researchers, linguists, testing and measurement, business and finance.

We intentionally sought to recruit board members for the first two-year term of service from the areas surrounding RID HQ to ensure CASLI, LLCs success during the ramp-up period of operation. This allows for the majority of board members to meet regularly with staff, legal counsel, and vendors as new test development begins. The RID Board is proud to announce the final and full appointment of the CASLI, LLC Board of Managers and looks forward to the outstanding work they will do.

Thank you for your attention to these updates.  Please let us know if you have questions or comments.  And, be sure to view the vlog being presented by the new CASLI, LLC Testing Director, Michele Martinez-Saeva that provides an exciting announcement about performance test sites being launched.