English Transcript:

Hello, members! I’m Jonathan Webb, RID President. This message is to issue a call for participation in two different Committees.

You may recall at the Business Meeting during RID 2019 National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, there were a number of motions made. The motions that were approved at that meeting were sent to the membership for a vote of approval. We have already announced the results of the membership vote – all motions that were approved at the Conference were also approved by the membership. The motions approved by the membership included CM2019.15 and CM2019.16 (“CM” stands for “Conference Motion”, followed by the year of the business meeting, and the number assigned to the motion).

CM2019.15 and CM2019.16 are the result of motions made by a group of individuals who are now serving on the RID Board. The goal of the CM2019.15 is to initiate “dialogue and discussion around the desire for, and feasibility of, an equitable voting system for the purpose of conducting biennial membership (convention) business.” It will look at the voting system and examine whether it is fair and equitable. Are all members able to participate equally? Are all viewpoints represented? It is important we form this committee to assess all these issues.

CM2019.16 was to initiate “dialogue and discussion around the desire for, and feasibility of, changing the makeup of the RID Board of Directors to more accurately reflect the contemporary needs and future stability of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.” This committee will look at the composition of the RID Board of Directors; this is important because the Board leads the organization, advances priorities, and engages with the membership and the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind communities. The committee will look at the Board structure – the current composition includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, five Regional Representatives, Member-at-Large and Deaf Member-at-Large. These positions were identified (in the past) as being important and necessary for RID to conduct its business. The committee will examine to see if this is still true, or have our institutional priorities changed? Should some of these roles be kept, while adding additional roles? There are many options and many issues for this committee to look at.

In order to achieve these important goals, we need individuals who are smart, savvy, have analytical skills, and can examine complex issues from all perspectives. They must also be committed to achieving our primary goal of supporting the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind communities. The link below leads to a form where interested individuals can submit their information and express their interest in joining either or both of these committees.

I will be leading these committees personally. So, if you are interested, please join us! Tell us about you, and why you are interested. We will look over the applicants, and get back to you. This work is important, and urgent – it will begin very soon. I look forward to seeing your submissions! If you know of others who are qualified, please also encourage them to join.

Thank you!