Call for Nominations for 2017-2019 RID Board of Directors

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Call for Nominations for 2017-2019 RID Board of Directors




Nominations for the positions of executive members of the RID Board of Directors is currently underway.  I am Robert Balaam, past RID Vice President.  My role at this time is chair of the nominations committee.  In addition to myself, the committee includes Glendia Boon, past RID Member at Large; and Cheryl Moose, past President.

The nominations process hasn’t changed with the exception of it being led by a committee outside of the board and headquarters.

We are now accepting nominations for the positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, Deaf member-at-large, and member-at-large to serve on the 2017-2019 RID Board of Directors.  To be qualified, persons must be

  • members in good standing;
  • receive signatures from 25 voting members in good standing.  Signatures must include at least one member in good standing from each of the five regions;
  • (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer) certified members in good standing for four consecutive years prior to candidacy;
  • (Deaf member-at-large, member-at-large) certified or associate member in good standing for four consecutive years prior to candidacy

Nominations forms can be found on  Candidates are encouraged to first collect all signatures and then email all signatures to  

Information about the duties of each position can be found in the RID Bylaws, posted on

Online voting or contested seats will occur May 1-June 1.  The results of the election will be reported in early June.  Results will include a reporting of the total number of votes cast and the percentage of votes each candidate received.

In the event that only one nomination is received for a particular seat that candidate wins the seat.

In the event that no nominations are received for a particular seat the position remains vacant.  The process for special elections will be followed.

During this process we, the nominations committee, will provide ongoing updates to keep members informed about the status of each position.  In addition to sharing the names of persons who become official candidates, we will share if no nominations have been received.

We encourage each of you to take time to consider running for a position.  The work of the board is difficult – in the sense that it requires a significant commitment of time and energy however, it is also rewarding as you work along with others to make RID the best organization working to improve, enhance and be the best resource for interpreters.  As previous board members, we encourage you to consider serving your organization.


The guidelines and the link to the nominations form are here:

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