Call for Sponsor Auditors

//Call for Sponsor Auditors

Call for Sponsor Auditors



RID has established a volunteer group that will serve as Sponsor Auditors for the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP). They will monitor the work performed by RID Approved Sponsors and conduct regular reviews of the paperwork and electronic materials submitted by Sponsors for audit.  Through the review process, Sponsor Auditors will identify how successfully Sponsors follow the Standards and Criteria of the CMP/ACET system. The Sponsor Auditors will be an extension of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and work under its supervision along with the Professional Development Manager, Carol Turner, at RID Headquarters.

During each audit, individual auditors will work in teams and be assigned specific RID Approved Sponsors for review.  They will be provided with all the necessary materials to review and determine if the programs administered by the Sponsor under review have followed the guidelines within the current Standards and Criteria. Each RID Approved Sponsor audit will be performed by at least two auditors. The findings of the audit will be provided to the Professional Development Manager and PDC, who will then make the final determination of pass, fail, suspension or probation with corrective actions required.

The duties as a Sponsor Auditor will include:

  • Working with the PDC to regularly review RID Approved Sponsors.
  • Reviewing the RID Approved Sponsor’s source materials as to whether the evidence provided complies with the Standards and Criteria set forth in the CMP.
  • Participate in a minimum of 10 audits each calendar year, including necessary conference calls via video web conferencing.
  • Commitment of at least 5-10 hours per individual audit to determine if the audit was successful or not.
  • Commitment to completing audits within the timelines established by the Professional Development Manager and the PDC.
  • Participation in orientation training and any regular Sponsor Auditor training providing by RID.
  • Unwavering commitment to the CMP/ACET system and a commitment to confidentiality in all aspects of the audit cases (including, but not limited to, materials, process, discussions, etc.).

The PDC is looking for individuals,who meet the following criteria, to volunteer serve on this group:  

  • Member of RID
  • ASL and written English fluency
  • Knowledge of the RID CMP/ACET system
  • Familiar with principles of adult education
  • Ability to work alone and be self-motivated
  • Demonstrate exceptional analytical and organizational skills,
  • Detailed oriented
  • Knowledge of basic educational principles, including the importance of measurable learning objectives and well-written evaluations
  • Ability to work productively in a team
  • Ability to process work from a distance using email and Google products
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely in simple, comprehensive language.
  • Ability to represent RID and the CMP/ACET system with fairness and respect for RID members.
  • Ability to document any actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest with the mission and activities of the CMP/ACET System

To apply please send all application materials via email, referencing “2016 Call for Sponsor Auditors” in the subject line, to for confidential consideration. Application materials include:

  • Resume
  • Letter of interest including a summary of any experience within the RID Certification Maintenance Program and/or Approved Sponsor status

Submission Deadline is December 30, 2016.

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