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The More We Change, The More We Stay the Same

Examining conflict in interpreting and the implications for interpreter education Paula Gajewski Mickelson and Matthew O’Hara 2014 CIT Conference In the midst of the complexities, a basic truth in any interpreted interaction is that the Deaf and hearing participants, as well as the interpreters, are all human, hoping for a successful interaction that includes acknowledgement, [...]

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Conflicts Between Interpreters and Consumers

When You've Tried Everything David Bowell, Matthew O'Hara, and Pamela Whitney 2014 NAD National Conference There are situations where deaf people or even interpreters themselves want to make an ethical complaints against interpreters who are members of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). The presenters discussed several strategies and emphasized mediation as an [...]

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Excellence In Interpreting

Ethics Enforcement Shane Feldman and Matthew O'Hara 2013 PCRID-MDAD Conference This session will provide an overview of RID’s Ethical Practices System, including the compliant, adjudication and mediation processes.  Attention will be paid to how the EPS process does and how it serves both the Deaf and interpreter communities in resolving conflicts on a local, one [...]

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